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There are 7 million unfilled job postings in America and many of those will remain unfilled because job seekers, employers, and educators are out of sync. Degrees, certificates, and credentials are only as good as the data that informs them. Hiring based on competency rather than degree is on the rise, but not every employer has the tools they need to make the shift.

We need a technological leap forward when it comes to communicating what’s inside a job.

What We’re Doing

  • A new open-data tool, the Job Data Exchange (JDX) is the vehicle employers need to move in a scalable, sustainable way towards competency-based hiring.
  • The JDX, and the data standard it employs, will help employers and their HR partners break down a job description into specific skill and hiring requirements. Open-source, non-proprietary, and free to use, the JDX collects that hiring data in a structured, machine-readable way and then makes that data available to the education and workforce partners that are helping students and job seekers prepare for the workforce.


  • Develop competency-based job descriptions
  • Provide employers with feedback and recommendations on how to make improvements to job descriptions and postings
  • Validate job descriptions across an industry
  • Distribute job postings to education and workforce partners in real time


  • Education and training providers receive better signals of skill requirements from the business community
  • Job seekers have an improved experience when searching for jobs with more equitable hiring opportunities based on skills and competencies
  • Employers benefit from better alignment with their education and workforce partners
  • HR partners experience seamless integration with their existing HR tools and workflows
  • Data partners get better, more accurate labor market information
    If employers participate in moving away from static job descriptions and towards open, linked data that can be updated in real time as requirements change, the result will be a lasting open-data infrastructure that sends clearer signals on workforce needs that is always up-to-date.

JDX Phase One

The JDX is being co-designed and pilot tested with pilot partner teams across eight states, to improve job descriptions and share them with their talent sourcing partners. Pilot partners were announced via press release in February 2019.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ Job Data Exchange™ (JDX) | U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation


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