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COVID and Skills – How should you rethink your talent strategy ?

How should you rethink your talent strategy so that you have the people you need when the recovery starts?

CEOs will be faced with difficult people decisions. However, given the importance of talent in accelerating progress, it’s critical to adopt a through-cycle mindset on people—not just in keeping the right talent but also in building the skills of the people you already have. For CEOs, this means developing a talent road map that’s as detailed as a technology one.

CEOs at several large businesses are acting on this through-cycle mentality by articulating what critical skill pools are needed for recovery. In the technology realm, for example, the focus should be on building your base of top engineers, who are ten times more productive than less accomplished developers. These are the people who will be rapidly deployed and redeployed to do the most important work. This exercise includes determining how many of them will be needed so that there is sufficient resiliency, developing an approach to building their skills, and identifying both the people who have emerged as stars during the crisis and those whose skills can be upgraded through training.

Training itself is likely to see profound change. Before COVID-19 hit, most companies struggled to get online learning to work. The new world of remote working, however, is acclimatizing people to the tools and processes that are core to distance education. This represents an opportunity for training to scale the programs built for how people actually learn best: shorter, “bite size” learning modules tailored to the individual and delivered when they’re needed as part of a thoughtful learning journey. CEOs should prioritize remote boot camps, self-serve modules, simulations, and collaborative learning environments supplemented by a rigorous certification program and in-field trials to accelerate how teams learn.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @ The digital-led recovery from COVID-19 | McKinsey


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