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COVID and the Future of Work – Transforming our work, workforce, and workplace

The trends around future of work are leading to an unleashed organization, connected on digital platforms, and able to work anywhere at anytime. These changes are impacting all industries as advances in technology fundamentally change the work itself, who does the work, and where it needs to be done. An organization with a Future of Work mindset is more resilient at coping with uncertain times and more able to adapt and thrive
In a digital world, machines and humans will be enabled to do what they do best independently and in concert with each other. Companies will challenge the idea that work should be performed in a specific physical location by exploring ways to digitize some or all work through advances in robotics, IoT, cloud, and other technologies.


Future organizations will identify, attract and engage people with the right skills and experience to achieve its mission and purpose. An organization will be made up of many types of workers and will engage partners and other key stakeholders anywhere in the world. Continuous learning will support the upskilling needed across the workforce to address looming talent shortages.

The future workplace will blend the physical and virtual environments and will deliver a consistent employer identity to all types of employees, contractors, and other stakeholders. Personalized experiences will empower people to be their best, balanced selves. Collaboration tools and platforms will support dynamic work locations and asynchronous collaboration.

Practical steps to accelerate your transition to the Future of Work

• Start from where you are and extend it across the enterprise
Many organizations have begun to explore the Future of Work, quickly build on these practices, and scale them as an initial response.
• Understand the digital capabilities you need to scale FOW success Assess your digital ways of working, and the digital technologies currently under exploration, in order to determine next wave automation and the organizational capabilities you need to thrive.
• Explore your people experience
Analyze the ways in which your people engage with each other and their work environment. This will help you determine practices, organization and team constructs, and capabilities to improve upon and scale.
• Apply what you’ve learned in practices, places, and with technology Take the learnings from these assessments (digital and people) and implement the desired improvements.
• Measure your success with data to ensure continuous improvement
As you adopt FOW practices, apply metrics to gauge success and lessons learned.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story @   the impact of COVID-19 – How the Future of Work is transforming
our work, workforce, and workplace

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