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US – New O*NET-SOC (Standard Occupational Classification) 2019 taxonomy

With the release by the Office of Management and Budget of an updated Standard Occupational Classification (2018 SOC), the O*NET Program is moving forward with the transition to this new SOC standard. The technical report Updating the O*NET-SOC Taxonomy: Incorporating the 2018 SOC Structure describes the new O*NET-SOC 2019 taxonomy based on the 2018 SOC. The report summarizes code, title, and definition changes and the overall relationship between the 2018 SOC and the O*NET-SOC 2019 taxonomies.

Several general types of changes to the O*NET-SOC taxonomy were possible as a result of changes made to the SOC taxonomy.

 A total of one hundred and fifty seven (157) occupations were removed from the O*NET-SOC taxonomy.
o Thirty-seven (37) SOC-level occupations were removed due to the 2018 SOC aggregating several occupations into one occupation, breaking out occupations into two or more occupations, or adding more detailed occupations to the taxonomy in place of residual “All Other” occupations (see Appendix B, Type 1).
o One hundred and twenty (120) detailed O*NET-SOC occupations were removed from the taxonomy due to aggregation of detailed occupations with SOC-level occupations, removal of SOC-level occupations, or addition or removal of a portion of a detailed occupation by the 2018 SOC (see Appendix B, Type 2).
 A total of sixty-three (63) occupations were added to the taxonomy.
o Fifty-one (51) SOC-level occupations were added by aggregating several 2010
SOC occupations, breaking out 2010 SOC occupations into two or more
occupations, or incorporating brand-new occupations (see Appendix B, Type 3). o Twelve (12) detailed occupations were added to the O*NET-SOC taxonomy
through the addition of new N&E occupations or by aggregating occupations removed from the taxonomy into a detailed occupation (see Appendix B, Type 4).
 Thirteen (13) existing detailed O*NET-SOC occupations were added into the 2018 SOC taxonomy (see Appendix B, Type 5).
 Lastly, a number of code, title, and description changes were made based on changes to the 2018 SOC (see Appendix B, Types 6-8).
The O*NET-SOC 2010 taxonomy included 1,110 occupational titles, 974 of which were data- level occupations. As a result of the taxonomy changes in the 2018 SOC structure, the O*NET- SOC 2019 taxonomy includes 1,016 occupational titles, 923 of which are data-level occupations (see Appendix C).

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at What’s New? at O*NET Resource Center


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