Millennials in Australia – Busting the myths

Millennials are often held up as the face of the new world or derided as symbolic of our current world’s problems. They are praised for being more socially minded, willing to challenge the status quo and able to use rapidly evolving technology to solve the issues that face them but, at the same time, they are blamed for the failing of institutions, a child-like inability to join the “real world” and a desire to have their hands held. The word “entitled” is one often associated with this generation. Employers bemoan young people who are aspirational from day one, who won’t do the hard yards and who have unrealistic career expectations.

Is this really the case?

Obviously the situation isn’t so black and white. It’s also rarely as dire as clickbait headlines might suggest. However, these Millennial Myths can have a real impact, especially when it pertains to younger people trying to find work in an increasingly fast and changing world.

This White Paper, and the associated Survey that started it, were inspired by JobGetter’s decision to get to the bottom of the Millennial situation and to try to prove the common published sentiments right or wrong.

With almost the entire generation now graduated from school, and the vast majority active in the workforce, the Millennials are a force to be reckoned with.

We set out to see what Millennials want, expect and need in the the 2018 workplace and how this can be a benefit to their employers. And to bust a few myths along the way.

Our survey showed us that, yes, Millennials do want flexibility. It has become a highly coveted aspect of the modern workforce and is necessary in our increasingly interconnected, fast-paced world. But they’re not the only ones. Increasingly, all workers are looking for flexible work arrangements to accommodate families, caring and work life balance. JobGetter’s 2017 Job Seeker Survey found that 59.7% of all workers across all demographic ranges listed work flexibility to be important to them.

MYTH: Millennials never stay at one job for any real length of time and will leave their employers in the lurch by changing jobs constantly.

FACT: Millennials job hop like young people always have. They are looking for opportunities to develop themselves and rise through the ranks, like their predecessors, and their changing needs means staying in the same job for years may be impossible.

What the Survey Said

The Millennial Index indicated that Millennials did, in fact, job hop. More than half of all respondents had been at their current place of work for less than two years with more than 22% of Millennials having begun working with their current boss within the last six months.

Myth: Millennials aren’t content just working for a company and taking a salary. They all want to make a difference, save the world and the rainforest, and make everyone feel good.

Fact: Millennials do want a purpose but it’s not to necessarily save the world by solving every problem. They do, however, want to know that their job works towards making a difference and improving the quality of life for others.

What the Survey Told Us

The survey showed us that Millennials do think it’s important to have a purpose. Considering how long we spend at work throughout our lives, Millennials are asking why work shouldn’t mean more than a salary.


Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  The Millennial Index: busting the myths around the new generation of workers and how they think about work


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