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Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) Program –’s Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) program is an initiative to identify those organizations that are committed to being the best places to work for employees at or above age 50. Certified employers are those that value employees based solely on their proficiency, qualifications and contribution and also maintain policies, practices and programs supporting people age 50 and older. Further, Certification indicates an employer’s recognition of the unique value of age 50+ workers as well as its commitment to provide meaningful employment, development opportunities and competitive pay and benefits for those employees.

About, Inc. now has more than one million members nationwide. It was founded in 2005 by a team of professionals with senior executive backgrounds in media, online recruiting and human capital management. They have worked at major media, recruiting and human capital management brands such as AOL, Monster Worldwide and Towers Watson, built and managed strategic relationships with leading e-recruiters such as CareerBuilder and Monster, and helped build successes such as (now owned by IBM).

Along with a growing number of labor analysts,’s human resources experts observe that a long-predicted workforce change is now underway. The change, possibly the largest since women went to work en masse in the 1970’s, is spurred by several factors. Among them: population shifts that have baby boomers turning age 65 amidst a dwindling supply of younger workers, health changes that have people living longer than ever, a new definition of retirement that includes a desire to stay active or a need to remain gainfully employed (see “What is a Retirement Job?”), and new research confirming what many may have known all along– that, on top of experience, older workers bring valuable traits such as lower turnover, greater dependability, a stronger work ethic, and flexibility over work schedule and pay.

Here at, our goal is to identify companies most-suited to older workers and match them with active, productive, conscientious, mature adults seeking a job or project that matches their lifestyle. Whether you are here seeking to supplement your income, a new challenge, a way to get out and meet people, or another reason, welcome! We are working hard to make each of your visits here a positive one, and we know our work will never quite be done.

Free for Job Seekers

The (RJC) service is completely free for job seekers. We provide the option of upgrading to our premium service which gives access to seminars and special content, and enables job seekers to easily identify job openings from employers we have certified or pre-certified as age friendly. also makes money by charging fees to employers who turn to to post open positions and access a database of qualified mature workers. Advertisers pay to deliver messages about topics such as financial services, education, health and travel.

How We Intend to Make a Difference

For every one person who has landed a fulfilling retirement job, there are several others who, despite their valuable work and personality traits, have not mustered the courage or found an easy way to connect with an employer. We aim to ease the way, providing opportunity, inspiration, community and counsel to people over 50 who seek work that matches their lifestyle and economic security needs.

Our Corporate Advisory Board

The Corporate Advisory Board provides ongoing business direction as the Company expands its product offerings. The Advisory Board is comprised of thought leaders from the media, human capital, business and academic communities.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) Program



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