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Millennials in Workplace – Three key strategies

Is it possible to strike a happy medium between old-school and new school workplaces?Millennials

Here are the three key strategies that allows for a forward-thinking, balanced culture:

Factor 1: Mission, Mission, MissionOftentimes, traditional, Boomer-led workplaces suffer from vague, uninspiring missions that don’t clearly include positive impact on the world. New-school workplaces often are so bold, they neglect to define the values and behaviors that are needed to deliver the vision.

Factor 2: Be A Leader that Spends More Time Thinking About Harnessing Talent than Profit

One of our key definers for thriving companies are those who invest in talent as a primary strategic focus. Art agrees. He knows that the way to harness profit is to harness talent. Profit loss happens when he stops communicating the right vision and stops creating the right culture to make the vision come to life.

Factor 3: Respect and RecognitionThe extreme Millennial apocalyptic workplaces blur the lines between creativity and disrespect. People have anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 thoughts a day and a high percentage of those are… useless. So unless there is structure and etiquette in place to filter this high of a volume, allowing EVERYTHING to be said doesn’t add value. On the flip side, traditional workplaces often don’t respect incoming talent because of their age and tenure. New ideas are often met with “It’s always been done this way” or “We tried that years ago and it didn’t work” or “Who are you to add new ideas” attitudes. Papas overcomes both of these by using his mission as a way to reward and recognize people.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  What Happens When Millennials Run the Workplace, Take Two

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