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Career in US – Thirty-nine percent of full-time workers feel under-employed

Fifty-five percent of full-time workers feel like they just have a job, not a career. Thirty-nine percent feel under-employed. The same number aspire to be in a leadership position, but aren’t there yet. Career Builder

CareerBuilder’s new Explore Careers tool has data job seekers need to reach their professional goals. Visitors to find exclusive insights, from salary ranges and required skills to hot locations, for hundreds of occupations, free of charge.Job seekers can also see how well their skills match up to a specific job and how high demand is for that position in their area. The site also enables job seekers to discover:

  • How their salaries compare against national and city-specific averages
  • What they should expect to be paid over time in a specific occupation
  • Where the most employment opportunities are by geographical region
  • Core skills needed (skills most frequently asked for by employers) — and the percentage of jobs asking for each skill listed
  • Standout skills needed (high-demand skills helping candidates stand out from competition) — and the percentage of jobs asking for each of the skills listed
  • Education level typically required

Explore Careers also helps candidates improve their likelihood for placement by providing a roadmap of skills needing development so they can move to the next stage in their careers. The portal suggests job seeker articles from CareerBuilder’s Advice & Resources blog, recommends compatible jobs and suggests standout and trending skills, or higher education a candidate may need to improve his or her likelihood for placement.

Within Explore Careers, candidates can upload resumes to receive a detailed, personalized assessment of how compatible their resume is with the market demand for their desired role. They can also sign up for email updates for specific job titles and will receive notifications when there are new openings for their desired job title or significant changes in the data associated with that position.

“CareerBuilder is providing insights to help workers throughout their career journey, whether they’re just entering the workforce, assessing options for a career change or seeking better opportunities within their fields,” said Hope Gurion, chief product officer for CareerBuilder.

“With Explore Careers, job seekers have instant access to multi-faceted, easy-to-use data they can turn into action.”

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at CareerBuilder Offers Unique, Exclusive Data to Give Your Career a Boost – CareerBuilder


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