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Internship in Magazines In New York City – A Testimony

In fall 2013, I began applying for several magazine internships in New York hoping I’d land at Hope Kumor least one of them. I mean, I was constantly looking on ED2010 for the latest posting and one day, I applied for the Good Housekeeping Magazine Editorial Internship. To my surprise, I received an e-mail about a phone interview with the two editorial assistants of GH. You’ll never know how nervous I was to chat with them via phone and I’m sure I would have been 10 times more if it was a face-to-face interview. Even in my current state of shock, I remained calm, cool and collected. And, even when I received the e-mail a few weeks later that I obtained it, I was still as cool as a cucumber, but freaking out on the inside.

My first day was in early January 2013. Now, I don’t remember it exactly because well, um, I was not calm, cool and collected. I’d travel to NYC three days a week for 8 hours for this unpaid internship. I did not care that it wasn’t paid because it was worth it for me. I caught myself thinking it was all a dream a few times, but it was really happening. I was an editorial intern for Good Housekeeping Magazine and I was scared. Why was I so afraid? Well, it was probably because I am a quiet and shy girl to begin with and in New York, I didn’t know a soul and I was totally out of my element. But, to be honest, I wasn’t really scared of the traveling; I was more scared of the women whom I worked for. I think I was just intimidated by their success and jealous as hell at what they’d achieved. I was merely an intern and they were working for a freaking magazine in New York.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  I Interned for Two Magazines In New York City and It Was Scary | Hope Kumor


One thought on “Internship in Magazines In New York City – A Testimony

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience in NYC. Great post!

    Posted by Michael Wong | December 24, 2015, 12:49 am

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