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Working From Home in UK – A third of people working from home received a contribution from their organisation

More than four in ten (43%) employees think that being offered the chance to work from home is Home Officethe result of employers transferring workspace costs onto the employee, according to a report by Regus.

The report found that only around a third of people working from home (35%) received a contribution from their organisation towards their home office costs.

This is despite the fact that a quarter (25%) of respondents reported these costs come to an entire monthly salary, with the average cost of running a home office in the UK almost £2,000 a year.

UK CEO of Regus Richard Morris said that if home office costs are passed on to employees, then companies could find themselves flouting health and safety laws and lacking insurance cover. “Nevertheless, the financial benefits of remote working for both staff and employer are clear,” he added.

“By cutting commuting times and working more flexibly, staff become more productive and more likely to remain loyal.”

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at HR Magazine – Working from home ‘transferring cost onto employees’.

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