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From India to UN and More – A Guide to Careers in International Affairs & Relations

Guess Post by Saurabh Tyagi : There is a number of burning international issues such as terrorism, border disputes that demand a lot of public attention. However, when we think about these issues, there is also a thought about people who work in this area, who make the very important decisions on behalf of the entire country. Isn’t it quite exciting to think about such professionals who have so much of power and responsibility on their shoulders? This post will tell you about these exciting career paths.

Any country’s foreign affairs have a close relation with its fundamental security and developmental priorities. Those who want to contribute to the foreign affairs and be a part of the diplomacy and international affairs can opt for the different exciting career paths. These career open up new horizon of success. Sans titre

Indian Foreign Services: If you want to be the country’s ambassador or foreign secretary than Indian Foreign Services is the right option for you. It is the premiere diplomatic service of our country. An IFS represents the country in international arena. As an IFS officer you will be dealing with India’s external affairs and trade and cultural relations. You will be dealing with challenges of living in foreign conditions all your life with or without your family. For becoming an IFS one has to take International Relations as a subject in his higher studies. Knowledge of political science is also important. When you gain a career in diplomacy, it means that you will be the face of one’s country’s diplomatic missions and thus a clear comprehension of the nuances of bilateral or multilateral relations is of great help. These government jobs are for the elite who dream achieving something big in their life. It is a high flying job and therefore entry is really tough. The average intake is only 10 -15 persons per year.

A career in UN: After studying International Relations, a person can become a member of various international organizations such as the United Nations. The UN has numerous areas of work and there are a number of branches which require professionals from this field. In addition to UN there are various other international non-governmental organizations also that look for such graduates. Working in UN is a dream comes true for many who are looking for a global career. Not only is it an exciting career path owing to the work environment and intelligent people that you work with, but the remuneration, the benefits and pay are some of the best in this industry.

Business and Law: If government or a global career like UN do not interests you then you can use your education in International Relations to make a mark for yourself in the field of business and law. Ever since internet came onto scene, even small businesses have been able to create name for themselves in the global markets, increasing the number of job opportunities. There are a number of roles in the export and import business, trade regulations and even global HR that are made for international relations graduates.

Graduating with International Relations doesn’t mean one must solely look at a career outside the country. One can work in the country for various organizations that have their India chapters or international NGOs within the country.

A career in education: The presence of International Relations as an academic course is increasing in the universities of India. Owing to ever blurring geographic boundaries and rise of international trade, the field is expanding like never before. The era of globalization and economic inter-dependence is forcing people to forcing its way in businesses and increasing requirement of academicians who have knowledge of international relation theory. Even if a person is specialist in a subject like South Asian politics, Central Asian studies and Russian studies then he or she has a lot of scope in various government universities and government jobs. To become eligible to apply to similar government jobs one can pursue a course in Political science or history at the graduation level and then take International relations at the master’s level.

A thriving career in journalism: There is an exciting world of opportunity waiting for those who have the combination of a Masters in International Relations and a career in Journalism. Such a combination is rewarding and it provides one the opportunity to specialize in a particular area and thus become an expert in that particular area dealing with matters that pertain to that area in one’s broadcast endeavors. There are huge chances of such a qualified individual to land a job in the editorial team of a channel or a newspaper or even a bureau. There are specializations such as International Law which can be followed after the basic course which will improve job prospects of the professionals.

The bottom-line is that if you are looking for an exciting career, a glamorous lifestyle and challenges in your work then international relations is one of the fields for you. If you love the idea of studying what matters to the country and how foreign policies can be tackled then International relations is for you.


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