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Hiring Gender Gap for Business Grads in US – 5 percentage-point in job offer finds BW

Women graduating from college with business degrees are less likely to get early job offers than their maleGender Gap counterparts, according to new data from Bloomberg Businessweek. The data show that 52 percent of female business majors who graduated this year had been offered a job by January, compared with 57 percent of male students.

The students were surveyed as a part of Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2014 Undergraduate Business School Rankings, released in April, but the information on job offers was not public until now.

The 5 percentage-point gap may seem small, but the results are statistically significant, indicating that for the 25,000 students surveyed at 132 colleges, gender is a factor in predicting the likelihood of getting an early job offer.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Women Graduating From Business School Get Fewer Job Offers Than Men – Businessweek.

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