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An Alternative to Tipping

There’s a Kentucky restaurant that has completely abolished tipping, and contrary to what you might expect, it actually looks like it might be great for their servers. Capture d’écran 2014-06-18 à 08.49.54

Since Packhouse Meats restaurant in Newport, Kentucky opened in January, its had signs posting everywhere making clear that tips are not part of the transaction process. The credit card slips dont even leave a line for tips. You might think this would screw servers over…except Packhouses owner, Bob Conway, actually did it in order to protect servers:

“Ive heard the horror stories – $3 left on a $100 tab,” he said. “How much a server makes has nothing to do with how hard they work. Servers had quit because they couldnt make ends meet.”

I feel that so goddamn hard. Every server whos done the job for any extended period of time has at least one story like that — I had a family run my ass ragged for two hours at Applebees and leave $5 on a $125 for no discernible reason other than simple fuckery.

The trick to what Conway is doing, however, is that it isnt a simple hourly: servers get paid either $10/hour OR 20% of their food sales, whichever is higher. Unsurprisingly to anyone whos ever worked as a server, Conway reports that its almost always the over for servers.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Kentucky Restaurant Utilizes Interesting Alternative to Tipping.

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