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US / It Pays to Be Stressed

Based on interviews and research, U.S. News broke down jobs into five categories, ranging from low- to high-stress. Below, those categories’ median salaries are averaged together. As it turns out, the highest-stress jobs also on average have the highest pay, and the lowest-stress jobs tend to get lower wages.

These figures don’t exactly show that there is a causal link between stress and high pay (“If only having ulcer-inducing stress magically created bigger paychecks,” some of us may dreamily sigh). Indeed, some of the differences between categories are not that large – the pay gap between jobs that are “below-average” and “average” in stress is about $5,000, and between “average” and “above-average” stress-level jobs, it’s about $4,300.

But the pay gap between high-stress and low-stress jobs is $40,000, and it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if there was a correlation here – if a job is so stressful that people want to quit immediately, an employer might want to pay workers more to keep them around. Or it might be that many stressful jobs are mentally taxing and require a lot of education to perform. Education is strongly tied to higher wages.

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