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Workplace Stress in US

Despite relative affluence, workplace stress is a prominent feature of the US labour market. To the extent that job stress causes poor health outcomes – either directly through increased blood pressure, fatigue, muscle pain, etc. or indirectly through increased rates of cigarette smoking – policy to lessen job stress may be appropriate. Focusing predominantly on … Continue reading

Job Stress – And the top spot went to France ! UK is second

According to a new study, 42 percent of American workers have changed jobs to escape the pressure-cooker, while another 35 percent have thought about it.  The study, by job-search site Monster, surveyed 6,700 people in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, India, the Netherlands and Canada. It turns out the U.S. is only the third-most stressful … Continue reading

US / It Pays to Be Stressed

The highest-stress jobs also on average have the highest pay, and the lowest-stress jobs tend to get lower wages. Continue reading

Childhood Poverty / The long-term effect of stress on brain

Long-term exposure to chronic stress is likely to cause wear and tear in children’s physical and psychological systems for coping with stress over time Continue reading

The Cost of Job Stress

Job stress, the #1 cause of stress in the U.S., is a leading factor in poor health and reduced creativity and problem solving ability, costing American businesses $300 billion dollars a year Continue reading

UK / Stress and presenteeism sapping productivity

A rise in presenteeism is affecting productivity levels at work, as nearly two in three employees have attended work while feeling ill in 2013. According to the research from business psychology company Robertson Cooper, productivity levels for employees who feel ill drops from 75% on ‘normal days’ to 55% on ‘sick days’. The study also … Continue reading

Difficult Co-workers / 5 Tips For Dealing With Them

Here are some tips to help you deal with a problem work associate: 1. Be The Better Person 2. Keep A Positive Attitude 3. Ignore The Person 4. Take Action 5. Make The Most Of It

A Bad Boss / 44% been verbally or even physically abused by a superior (video)

There are only two kinds of bosses: those that support their teams and have a positive overall impact on productivity and those that do not. Unfortunately, a lot of U.S. bosses are just making work harder to do well. Today, nearly one-third of American employees report that they feel underappreciated by their direct supervisors. And … Continue reading

Job Interview / Overcoming Nervousness

It’s natural to be nervous about a job interview. Someone is about to scrutinize your appearance, mannerisms, what you say, and how you say it. There are ways to combat that feeling of helplessness, Here are some: Be Prepared Accentuate the Positive Don’t Give In to Desperation Practice Relaxation Techniques. Choosen excerpts by Job Market … Continue reading

Almost three in four workers worrying during every weekend

Almost three in four workers lose more than three hours every weekend worrying about work, a survey suggests. A study of 2,000 British adults, conducted by Populus, showed the biggest worriers were aged between 25 and 34 and lost more than four hours a weekend worrying. Employees in London are the most likely across Britain … Continue reading

35% of workers are highly engaged, 26% disengaged and 17% detached

Globally, just over a third (35%) of the more than 32,000 full-time workers participating in our study are highly engaged writes HR consultants Towers Watson in Global Workforce Study Engagement at Risk: Driving Strong Performance in a Volatile Global Environment. (Adapted chosen excerpts by JMM to follow) On one level, this isn’t surprising. Five years of economic turmoil, nearly … Continue reading

Facebook / Users who have recently lost a job feel greater stress

Among those who have recently lost a job, social networksin general and online ones in particular may be useful to cope with stress and find new employment write Moira Burke and Robert Kraut in Using Facebook after Losing a Job: Differential Benefits of Strong and Weak Ties on (Adapted choosen excerpts by JMM to follow) The study focuses on … Continue reading

US | Workers Least Satisfied With Stress and Pay

U.S. workers are the least satisfied with their on-the-job stress and money they make, out of 13 aspects of work conditions rated in Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll. Fewer than a third say they are completely satisfied with each. They are most satisfied with the physical safety conditions of their workplace, followed by their … Continue reading

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