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Childhood bullying victims in UK / Earn less and are more unemployed

Childhood bullying victims earn less money than average and are more likely to be without a job in adult life, according to a study.

According to the International Journal of Manpower, victims of bullying earned 2.1% less than the average wage, are 3.3% less likely to be in employment, and are 4.1% less likely to be participating in the labour market (either in employment or actively looking for work).

The research, which was led by Dr Nick Drydakis of Anglia Ruskin University and questioned 7,500 Greeks aged between 18 and 65, found that childhood bullying can lead to significant economic implications later in life.

“Individuals without a history of being bullied have a higher probability of participating in the labour force, being employed, and receiving higher wages,” said Drydakis.

Individuals who experienced a serious intensity of bullying face lower employment rates and lower hourly wages, he said.

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via Victims of Bullying Earn Less and Have a Higher Chance of Unemployment – IBTimes UK.

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