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International Youth Day: Migration Can Help Tackle Youth Unemployment

International Youth Day, celebrated today, was established by the United Nations to raise awareness of issues affecting young people around the world. So when the theme of this year’s International Youth Day was declared Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward it was easy to understand why: with high rates of youth unemployment, finding decent work is understandably the driving motivation for many of the estimated 27 million young people who make the brave decision to leave family and friends behind and move to another country.

Strategic migration not only helps tackle youth unemployment, it can also help address acute global talent shortages. ManpowerGroup conducts annual research in 42 countries and our 2013 study found that more than one in three employers globally are currently experiencing difficulty filling open positions even while unemployment rates remain high in many markets. Unfortunately, the skills that these people have don’t match what employers need. One of the ways in which this mismatch can be resolved is through strategic migration and, by facilitating approval of training qualifications achieved abroad and supporting relocation programs for young people, this can be made easier. We live in the Human Age, where labor legislation is still local but talent is already global.

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via International Youth Day: Migration Can Help Tackle Youth Unemployment But Longer-Term Thinking Required | Jeff Joerres.

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The global youth unemployment rate, which had decreased from 12.7 per cent in 2009 to 12.3 per cent in 2011, increased again to 12.4 per cent in 2012, and has continued to grow to 12.6 per cent in 2013. This is 1.1 percentage points above the pre‐crisis level in 2007 (11.5 per cent). By 2018 …Continue reading »



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