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US Law School / The Oversupply of law school graduates

By now, even law schools themselves acknowledge that they’ve been churning out too many graduates for too few available jobs. Less widely appreciated, however, is that the lawyer glut appears to be much more severe in some parts of the country than in others. There’s nowhere in the United States that new JD’s have it especially good; but, man, are there spots where they have it especially bad.

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Oversupply of law school graduates by state. The darker the shade of red, the worse the surplus. Nevada, Wyoming, and Alaska technically have an under-supply. Current data unavailable for Tennessee. (Source: Law School Tuition Bubble)

That important lesson comes courtesy attorney Matt Leichter, proprietor of the blog Law School Tuition Bubble, who’s done the hard work of calculating which states have the largest oversupply of JD’s. Nationwide in 2011 (I know, I wish the data didn’t run so far behind too), Leichter finds that law schools graduated roughly two students for every one estimated job opening. But there were some enormous variations. In Mississippi, the ratio was 10.53 to 1. In Michigan, it was 6.48 to 1. In New Jersey, by comparison, it was just 1.04 to 1.

Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor


via The Absolute Worst States for Job Hunting Law School Grads – Jordan Weissmann – The Atlantic.

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