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US Law School Class of 2010 – Job outcomes have improved only marginally

The law school Class of 2010 faced a bleak employment market. Nine months after graduation, only 87.6% of the class reported a job of any type. More than a tenth of the employed graduates were working part-time, and more than a fifth held jobs that did not require a law license. As the National Association … Continue reading

Law School in US / Tenured Faculty Layoffs

As more and more people discover that law school is not the “get rich quick” scheme that they once thought it was, applications continue to plummet. As of late January, law school applications were down 13.7 percent from where they were in 2013. The loss of student revenue is killing the bottom line at some … Continue reading

US / New website to compare law-school jobs data

US – A new website aims to make it easier for would-be law students to research how graduates of different law schools are faring in the jobs market Continue reading

US Law School / The Oversupply of law school graduates

By now, even law schools themselves acknowledge that they’ve been churning out too many graduates for too few available jobs. Less widely appreciated, however, is that the lawyer glut appears to be much more severe in some parts of the country than in others. There’s nowhere in the United States that new JD’s have it especially … Continue reading

Thomas Jefferson School of Law misled on percentage of its graduates landing jobs

Thomas Jefferson School of Law, based in San Diego, was the first to face a lawsuit alleging that it misled students by advertising that a high percentage of its graduates landed jobs, without saying which of those jobs required a law degree or were full time. Now, a former career-services employee at Thomas Jefferson says the school didn’t just mislead; it … Continue reading

Some Law Students are graduating with more than $150,000 in debt

Among 195 ranked law schools surveyed annually by U.S. News, 191 reported the average indebtedness of graduating students in 2011, the most recent figures available. Overall, law students graduated with an average of $100,433 in debt, though at some of the schools with the most heavily debt-laden students, graduates faced an average debt of more … Continue reading

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