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UK / The truth about welfare

Our welfare system today is politically toxic and the public debate about it has become untethered from evidence or a semblance of rational discussion.

Beneath the hyperbole, the government’s welfare reform agenda offers no solution to this deep crisis of legitimacy. For three decades, successive governments have pursued broadly similar strategies that have had mixed success with some negative economic side effects. Since 2010, the challenge of deficit reduction has spurred the coalition to intensify the usual policy prescriptions. But this approach is fast running out of road. It offers no vision for a welfare system that might once again command popular support. And critically, the agenda is damaging the country’s productivity and prosperity. If the Prime Minister wants to equip the UK for the “global race”, he needs to know the truth about welfare.

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via The truth about welfare.

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POSTED BY  ⋅ JULY 16, 2012 ⋅ 1 COMMENT

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