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South Africa / Farms accept minimum wage increase

Farmers accept that the minimum wage will increase. In addition farmers proposed that the parties jointly assess the nature and extent of ‘in kind’ benefits and how these should be accounted for in the wage structure. Whilst the affordability of higher wages may be a constraint, the broader policy environment which impacts on the sector’s profitability requires scrutiny and adjustments.

Farmers are willing to further engage with Labour representatives on these matters. Farmer representatives appealed to Labour representatives to continuously and effectively communicate with their constituency regarding the legal review process and to call on their constituency to act with restraint, abide by the law and refrain from violent- and criminal behaviour. Farmer organisations undertake to do likewise.

Farmers’ approach is aligned with the provisions of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act as recently alluded to by the Minister of Labour, Ms Mildred Oliphant. COSATU and the unions demand a solution which is outside of the current legal framework.

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