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Labour market reforms in Italy

Italy’s labour market productivity has been stagnating in the past decade despite numerous reforms. This column gives an explanation why this is so. By focusing exclusively on flexibility, past labour market reforms have completely neglected incentives. There is severe allocative malfunctioning in the Italian labour market. Wages do not reflect sector productivity in the short … Continue reading

(Update) Labour on Welfare in UK / Rachel Reeves’s first major speech (video)

“A Labour government will introduce a Basic Skills Test to assess all new claimants for Job Seekers Allowance within six weeks of claiming benefits. Those who don’t have the skills they need for a job will have to take up training alongside their jobsearch or lose their benefits. Labour’s Basic Skills Test will give the long-term unemployed a better chance of finding a job and will help us to earn our way out of the cost-of-living crisis.” Continue reading

Apprenticeship in UK / Labour calls time on the level 2

A report says: “to protect the apprenticeship brand, level 2 training should be renamed as a traineeship or similar Continue reading

South Africa / Farms accept minimum wage increase

Farmers accept that the minimum wage will increase. In addition farmers proposed that the parties jointly assess the nature and extent of ‘in kind’ benefits and how these should be accounted for in the wage structure. Whilst the affordability of higher wages may be a constraint, the broader policy environment which impacts on the sector’s profitability requires … Continue reading

France – Labor reform underway

France’s Socialist government may clinch a deal on labor reform by the end of this year but its cautious approach means the outcome may fall short of business leaders’ hopes for a “competitiveness shock” to revive the economy. President Francois Hollande wants a quick agreement that will help companies adjust more nimbly during economic downturns, … Continue reading

Canada | Delaying OAS won’t keep skills in the labour force for long, sedentary and stressful jobs

The long, sedentary and stressful hours behind the wheel take a serious toll on truck drivers. In North America the average trucker dies at 61 years of age comments Linda Hall from Vancouver .They are lucky to see 65, much less 67. Nurses work 12-hour shifts, often graveyard shifts, on their feet all day, lifting and moving … Continue reading

UK Labour Market | Surprisingly Positive Results

The employment rate for those aged from 16 to 64 was 70.4 per cent, up 0.1 on the quarter. There were 29.17 million people in employment aged 16 and over, up 53,000 on the quarter.  The unemployment rate was 8.3 per cent of the economically active population, down 0.1 on the quarter. There were 2.65 … Continue reading

UK | Young Unemployment | Clegg Launches £1bn Flagship Scheme

Nick Clegg is today launching his £1bn flagship scheme to get young people into work amid accusations that the government has been complacent over youth unemployment. The Deputy Prime Minister – who has championed the plan in the coalition – will say the start of the Youth Contract offers a route into work for young … Continue reading

Labour Market Changes | UK : a summary of the main trends

The National Guidance Research Forum (NGRF) website, launched in 2004 for careers guidance practitioners and researchers as a collaborative project between the Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER), University of Warwick, the International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby and KnowNet, a specialist software company, has posted a summary of the main trends for … Continue reading


Active labour market policies are commonly used tool to fight unemployment. In the early 1960s all Scandinavian countires have introduced several different measures to have an effect on their labour markets. In the late 1970s in most developed countries of OECD government expenditures on those policies reached the level of 1-1.5% of GDP. High levels of expenditures created a need … Continue reading


YOUTH EMPLOYMENT AND EMPLOYABILITY IN THE 14 EU MEDITERRANEAN PARTNERS: FACING THE CHALLENGE OF INTEGRATING YOUNG PEOPLE INTO THE LABOUR MARKET The two key constraints to employment in the Mediterranean partner countries (MPCs) are insufficient labour demand (in particular for qualified labour), i.e., job creation, and skills mismatches due to failures in the education system, … Continue reading

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