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(UPDATE) Facebook Jobs Tool / Not A LinkedIn Killer writes Forbes, A Lame New App writes Business Insider

Facebook Social Jobs App – Not A LinkedIn Killer – Forbes

Well if you try the app (click here to try it out), you find it to be a fairly poorly implemented search system which doesn’t even come close to the services offered by LinkedIn or (Indeed is one of the most successful job aggregation systems in the market).

Today it has several challenges.

First, you have to select which job source you want to search (which more or less makes the system frustrating, since each of these five providers reaches different and overlapping parts of the market). So when you do search, it’s very confusing where to go.

Second, it doesnt really work very well.  I did a few simple searches for “sales” jobs within ten miles of my house, and it identified a few interesting positions at Lithium, a local software company. But the job is in Miami and I live in California. So the search engine is not providing “deep linking” and may be less useful than going to these sources (or Indeed) alone.

Third, if you do find an interesting job, the app simply links you to the underlying tool for that particular partner, so you don’t get much help.  I actually tried to “apply” to one of the jobs I found, and all it did was open up an email form with the “to” address filled in. (I won’t mention which of the partners gave me this result.) LinkedIn, by contrast, actually has a well engineered resume publishing system that lets you directly send your biographical information to a prospective employer.

Fourth, I think the whole system is just confusing. Why would I fill in the keywords and also select a category and subcategory?  Why doesn’t it aggregate all the jobs together and let me sort them as a big group? And why, once the jobs appear, is there no way to sort or filter them?

Bottom line, I don’t think Facebook put a lot of energy into this “partnership.”…

Choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor from

via Facebook Social Jobs App – Not A LinkedIn Killer – Forbes.


Facebook Launches A Weak Social Jobs App – Business Insider.

Facebook has launched a so-called “social jobs app.”

In theory that sounds like something that should threaten LinkedIn, which does a big business off of recruiting.

In reality, LinkedIn has absolutely nothing to worry about it, and any investor thinking about selling LinkedIn based on this news should take a second to examine the product Facebook actually launched.

It’s really more of a job search engine, displaying openings already listed on sites like and BranchOut. And the search engine is buggy at best: A search limited to San Francisco displayed jobs in India.

So this isn’t a serious entry into the recruiting business.

LinkedIn’s recruiting business also has very little to do with job listings, which is all this app provides. Recruiters use LinkedIn’s database to find candidates who aren’t actively searching for new jobs…

Choosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor from

via Facebook Launches A Weak Social Jobs App – Business Insider.

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