India / Energy Revolution could generate 1.5 million jobs by 2030 writes Greenpeace

The second edition of India Energy [R]evolution in 2012 provides a practical pathway for India to secure its energy particularly electricity supply to achieve its long-term ambitious economic growth along with providing access to modern electricity technology to a 300 million population who are still waiting to see light in their homes while remaining low on the carbon growth trajectory. (Adapted choosen excerpts by JMM )

The energy [r]evolution key principles

The expert consensus is that this fundamental shift in the way we consume and generate energy must begin immediately and be well underway within the next ten years in order to avert the worst
impacts of climate change.

The challenge requires a complete transformation of the way we produce, consume and distribute energy, while maintaining economic growth. The five key principles behind this Energy [R]evolution will be to:

• Implement renewable solutions, especially through
decentralised energy systems
• Respect the natural limits of the environment
• Phase out dirty, unsustainable energy sources
• Create greater equity in the use of resources
• Decouple economic growth from the consumption of fossil fuels.

Decentralised energy systems is where power and heat are produced close to the point of final use which reduce grid loads and energy losses in distribution. Investments in ‘climate infrastructure’ such as smart interactive grids and transmission grids to transport large quantities of offshore wind and
concentrating solar power are essential. Building up clusters of renewable micro grids, especially for people living in remote areas, will be a central tool in providing sustainable electricity to almost two billion people around who currently don’t have access to electricity

Future employment in the energy sector

The Energy [R]evolution scenario results in more number of jobs in India’s energy sector by 2015 and 2020. In 2030, job numbers remain same in both scenarios. There are 2.3 million energy sector jobs in the Energy [R]evolution scenario in 2015, and 1.7 million in the Reference scenario. In 2020, there are 2.4 million jobs in the Energy [R]evolution scenario, and 1.8 million in the Reference scenario. Finally by 2030, there are 1.5 million jobs in the Energy [R]evolution scenario and the Reference scenario.

Full Report @

via Energy [R]evolution 2nd Edition | Greenpeace India.

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