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UK / More than 1 in 3 will work past 65 and 35% will work past retirement age

Thirty-five per cent believe they will work past retirement age, but this could have a negative impact on employers.

Workers are planning to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the abolition of the default retirement age, according to new research by insurer Canada Life Group.

Over a third of employees think they will work past the age of 65, but this statistic will force employers to bear the implications of having an older workforce, with the focus being on benefits and the likelihood these will become more expensive as a result.

However, there seems to be a lack of understanding among workers when it comes to how long they can remain in their job. The default retirement aged was scrapped only a year ago, but research found that 48pc of workers were unaware of the changes.

This suggests that while many people may wish to work for longer, some many not be aware that there is the option, and will simply retire when they think they should.

Of those surveyed, men in particular said they feel they are more likely to continue working for longer after the removal of the default retirement age, with 44pc agreeing they would still be working past their 65th birthday. In comparison, only 31pc of women said they would be working after the age of 65…

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via More than a third of workers will work past the age of 65 – Telegraph.

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