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Bullying – Older workers particularly vulnerable

The death of teen Amanda Todd has shone a spotlight on bullying of the young, but experts say the bullying phenomenon spans cradle to casket, with older workers in particular being “at considerable risk” of victimization.

Research by the Workplace Bullying Institute finds nearly one-third of people between the ages of 50 and 64 have been bullied on the job. The organization additionally reports “a noticeable over-representation of older workers” seeking assistance for issues related to workplace torment.

“It’s institutional bullying: Let’s get rid of our older, higher-paid workers so we can reduce our payroll and hire someone younger and cheaper,” says Gary Namie, a social psychologist and director of the WBI.

As one of North America’s foremost authorities on the subject, Namie says older employees are “unequivocally” more likely to be targeted – and also to be more hurt when it occurs, as that generation has greater presumptions of fairness.

“When they’re bullied, they feel doubly violated because the rug has been pulled out from beneath them and their expectation of a safe, secure workplace has been shattered,” he explains…

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via Older workers particularly vulnerable to bullying, expert says.


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