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Google – Cuts 1058 Jobs As It Streamlines Motorola Mobility’s

Google’s Q3 earnings leaked today, and among the reported stats was a noteworthy gap in full-time employees between its Q2 and Q3 results. At the end of June, Google had 54,604 full-time employees, thanks to a massive influx of 20,293 new Motorola Mobility staff. As of September 30, the company reports employing 53,546 people full-time, a difference of 1,058 jobs.

The cuts came entirely out of the Motorola side of the business, as total employee numbers there slid from 20,293 to 17,428 between Q2 and Q3, a difference of 2,865. Employees of Google proper actually increased, from 34,311 to 36,118 between the two accounting periods. While some of those new additions could just be reassignments from the Motorola division, there’s likely a lot of new hires involved in that number, too, which means Motorola Mobility overall took a considerable staffing hit, even given the assumption that some Motorola Mobility employees may have voluntary left the search giant post-acquisition…

Google Cuts 1058 Full-Time Jobs In Q3 As It Streamlines Motorola Mobility’s …



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