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China – Half of this year’s record high 6.8 million new college graduates are still struggling to find jobs

Hang Peng, Beijing, said, “This bachelor degree certificate used to be a magic key for Chinese grads to a high-paid job. But now, for many of them here, its really little more than permission to rent a bed in a job-seekers’ dormitory. This is a three-room apartment. But it’s been transformed into a crowded dorm for over 20 youngsters.”

It’s already a month since graduation. For some who still haven’t found a job, and refuse to move back home, it’s the only place they can afford.

Liu Danfeng, job hunter, said, “There are only two bathrooms in this dorm. Every evening, about 20 girls have to queue just to take a shower. It’s terrible.”

Not easy is an understatement. This year, close to 7 million college grads are entering the work force. That’s a record high for China.

The government is trying its best to create jobs. But the sheer scale of demand, along with the global economic recession, makes it a huge challenge.

Sarah Jones, human resources ecpert of Antal Internantional China, said, “The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security detailed that every year only 12 million jobs are created.”

“And the rest of the population here in China. So it doesn’t take a mathematician to start working out where the burgeoning problems lie here today in 2012.”

And the competition is sharpened by where you’ve studied.

Sarah Jones said, “There are a lot more Chinese graduates who were studying in the US and/or the UK. So not only you have to compete with your next door neighbor who went to Nanjing University and got the same degree, but you are also competing with an influx of students who have automatically an international platform.”…

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