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Long-term unemployed will begin seeing their federal jobless benefits disappear in at least 24 states

Many long-term unemployed will begin seeing their federal jobless benefits disappear starting this week. This round affects the jobless in at least 24 states, while all Americans will be affected in the fall.

Now, those who live in states with unemployment rates below 6% are eligible to receive a maximum of 46 weeks of benefits, down from 60. (This includes up to 26 weeks of state benefits.)

Those in states with unemployment rates between 6% and 7% will receive up to 60 weeks, down from 73.

And the jobless who live in states with unemployment rates between 8.5% and 9% will be eligible for as many as 73 weeks, instead of 79.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities laid out the number of weeks residents of each state are eligible for in this map:

via Unemployment benefits whittled down – Economy.

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4 thoughts on “Long-term unemployed will begin seeing their federal jobless benefits disappear in at least 24 states

  1. We (the collective ‘long term unemployed’ in America) applaud NBC for shedding light on a well-hidden (and rarely publicly discussed) reality for millions of once hard working, formerly middle class Americans. We also applaud the people of Boulder – known for their ‘liberal bias’ – for approving a temporary property tax increase to fund assistance program which have lost funding from the State of Colorado as a result of recent budget shortfalls.

    But there is an imporant point to make before we go futher. A call to the Boulder County Housing and Human Services Department confirmed what the Denver Unemployment Examiner has suggested many, many times before: there is no safety, no additional assistance (as noted in the Dateline NBC story about families which children) for adults without dependent children – a much forgotton population of unemployed and formerly middle class American workers…

    Denver Unemployment Examiner

    Posted by Denver Unemployment Examiner | June 27, 2012, 10:07 am


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