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Unions in UK – Members were a third more likely to have received training than non-unionised employees

The research shows that over the period 2001–2013 union members were a third more likely to have received training than non-unionised employees. The analysis isolates the union impact using regression analysis which controls for a variety of other factors (e.g. age, gender, occupation, sector etc.) and concludes that union members were 1.34 times more likely … Continue reading

US – Union boost to nonunion pay has weakened

Pay for private-sector workers has barely budged over the past three and a half decades. In fact, for men in the private sector who lack a college degree and do not belong to a labor union, real wages today are substantially lower than they were in the late 1970s. In the debates over the causes … Continue reading

Forest sector in Canada – Shortage of skilled workers union says

A shortage of skilled tradespeople could put a damper on the upswing in the forest sector, according to Unifor. The union says steady jobs, with pay up to $42 per hour at some northwestern Ontario mills, are hard to fill because there are few qualified candidates. Unifor national representative Stephen Boon says despite lucrative salaries, mills in … Continue reading

Canada – Unionization rates is falling

The Canadian trade union movement grew out of the industrialization of the economy at the end of the 19th Century. At that time, unions were predominately a male domain and remained so until the 1960s. Today, a union member is slightly more likely to be a woman, and working in an office, school or hospital, … Continue reading

The World’s Worst Countries For Workers – A report

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is a confederation of national trade union centres, each of which links the trade unions of that particular country. The International Trade Union Confederation has built the world’s most compre- hensive data base of violations of workers’ rights (survey.ituc-csi.org). Descriptive texts detailing facts on real-world violations faced by workers … Continue reading

Do Fewer Unions Make Countries More Competitive? No it seems

The effect of unionization on a country’s economic competitiveness is of great interest to — and controversy among — economists. Are countries with higher rates of unionization more or less economically competitive? We can take a first look by comparing measures of unionized workers in developed countries against a measure of those countries’ competitiveness. The chart below … Continue reading

US – How organized workers fueled america’s broadly shared prosperity

The middle class is the great engine of the American economy. Organized workers built a powerful middle class by taking direct action and advocating for government policies to give workers a fair share of economic wealth. But over the past 40 years, this pattern has been reversed as corporate owners and managers have taken an … Continue reading

Unions in US / Majority Approves but Say They’ll Weaken

A majority of Americans, 54%, approve of labor unions, a slight increase from 52% in 2012 and six percentage points above the all-time low observed in 2009. Thirty-nine percent disapprove of labor unions. The current reading is eight points below the historical average of 62% in Gallup’s trend dating back to 1936. Americans’ approval of … Continue reading

Australia / Unions call for minimum wage rise

Unions have called for a $30 weekly pay rise for minimum wage workers, but a business group is calling the proposal reckless. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) is hearing final submissions for its annual minimum wage deliberations in Melbourne on Tuesday. ACTU President Ged Kearney has called for a $30-a-week minimum wage hike. The proposal … Continue reading

Canada / Union Challenges Chinese Miners’ Work Permits

Unions in B.C. will be back in court this week trying to stop a group of foreign workers from coming to Canada to work at a new coal mine in Tumbler Ridge. At stake are permits for more than 200 Chinese mineworkers who were hired to do specialized work at the underground mine in northern … Continue reading

Weakening labour regulations will stimulate job creation is an unfounded claim says International Trade Union Confederation

The 2013 edition of the World Bank’s Doing Business report, released today, makes unfounded claims that weakening labour regulations will stimulate job creation. It states that countries that reduce dismissal notice periods or severance pay “are addressing one of the main factors deterring employers from creating jobs in the formal sector”. (Doing Business 2013, p … Continue reading

Enbridge Gateway pipeline would cost jobs in Alberta says Union

Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline to Canada’s Pacific Coast could cost thousands of high-paying refining jobs in Alberta, a labour group warned in Edmonton on Tuesday as the company faced its first day of grilling at public hearings into the contentious project. Alberta Federation of Labour contends the $6-billion line, which would ship 525,000 … Continue reading

Air Transat – Layoffs if no agreement is reached with union

Montreal charter carrier Air Transat A.T. Inc. has advised its flight attendants’ union of impending layoffs unless members agree to unpaid leaves of absence and other job-loss mitigation measures. In a memo obtained by The Gazette, Nathalie Legault, assistant to the vice-president for inflight service and commissary, advised its 1,800 flight attendants on July 6 … Continue reading

162 layoffs in Quebec City | Illegal says Union

The 162 blue-collar layoffs issued by the City of Quebec yesterday are illegal. This was the legal opinion given to the executive of the City’s manual workers’ union (Syndicat des employés manuels – CUPE 1638) who were quick to file a motion for intervention with the Quebec labour relations board, the Commission des relations du … Continue reading

Insourcing to deter offshoring jobs

Kannan Ramanujam, president of a well-known multinational IT company headquartered in the US is in the process of preparing a SWOT analysis for his company’s new operations. The choice is between offshoring its activities and utilising a third-party vendor. The company has offshored most of its service delivery processes, both directly by setting up its … Continue reading

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