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Talent War – Former employees and workforce returnees, two groups you can’t Ignore

In the ever-escalating war for talent, companies may be overlooking two valuable groups: former employees and workforce returnees. Alumni are a known entity—hiring managers have far more information on these candidates than on a typical hire—and they’re already familiar with the company’s culture and standards. And the pool of workforce returnees (people who left the … Continue reading

Talent War – Candidates choose employer brand over salary

No amount of money could tempt half of UK workers (53%) to consider taking a role at a company with a poor employer brand, according to research from LinkedIn. The Winning Talent report also found that one in six UK workers (17%) would take a new job with a company offering increased job security, greater development … Continue reading

The Global Talent War – US is far behind Business Roundtable finds

Most Americans agree that the future of the U.S. economy depends on the ability of its businesses to compete globally. One of the key factors that allow U.S. employers to grow their businesses and create new jobs is their ability to recruit and retain talent from other countries. How well does the current U.S. employment-based … Continue reading

Hays Global Skills Index 2013 / Labour markets efficiency is not directly related to the current state of the economy

The Hays Global Skills Index 2013 shows that structural factors have the greatest impact on the efficiency of the labour market Continue reading

The Talent War / The implications of the demographic outlook and immigration flows are substantial says a report

The implications for policymakers are substantial. First of all, receiving countries will have to invest more in developing smart migration, integration, and nondiscrimination policies Continue reading

US Highly-Skilled Immigration / Some Myths

We’re not seeing the full picture around highly-skilled immigration. To get there, we need to better understand and debunk myths around three key issues: labor mobility, wages, and the rate of invention. Continue reading

Canada and the Talent War / Governments are courting skilled workers

Canadian governments, at both the national and provincial levels, are courting skilled workers such as plumbers, pipefitters, electricians and others from the U.S. and elsewhere. In addition to the program under which Thomas was hired, a category for specific trades began in January to address labour shortages while easing the path to residency, the federal … Continue reading

Talent War / Saudi Arabia Hiring Top Names in American Research

Two wealthy new Saudi research institutions focused on the kingdom’s energy future are on a hiring spree in the United States, luring away the president of Cal Tech and signing up advisors that include two influential energy market analysts, the CEO of one of Washington’s biggest think tanks and even MIT professor Ernest Moniz, President … Continue reading

Talent War / Porsche to Cut Working Hours but Maintain Pay

Sportscar maker Porsche, a unit of Volkswagen AG (IW 1000/10), on Thursday said it will gradually trim working hours without any cuts in pay, in an effort to attract highly skilled workers. “Porsche is looking to improve competitiveness and attractiveness as an employer even further,” the automaker said in a statement. Porsche’s executive board and … Continue reading

Talent War | Canada needs to get competitive says Harper

Stephen Harper believes a global demographic shift is under way, one that will force developed nations such as Canada into a furious competition for talented immigrants in the years ahead. In some of his most expansive comments on the topic, the Prime Minister outlined the rationale behind his government’s fundamental overhaul of the country’s system … Continue reading

Skills Gap: Global Mobilization of People or Talent War (video)?

Talent War – From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation

Representatives from higher education institutions in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia met last week in Seeon, Germany, at the Sixth Annual Strategic Leaders Global Summit, an event co-hosted by Germany’s Technische Universitat Munchenthe and the Council of Graduate Schools, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The meeting’s theme was “From Brain Drain to … Continue reading

Australia – Mines may turn to less-skilled workers

THE Department of Treasury has been told mining companies may be forced to use less experienced staff to proceed on a significant pipeline of construction in the sector. In its quarterly economic roundup, Treasury says the mining industry is facing challenges recruiting and contracting workers, particularly for highly-specialised technical positions. “With a significant pipeline of … Continue reading

The Talent War – Skilled international workers in high demand: recruitment executive

Accord­ing to this index, which the com­pa­ny has been gen­er­at­ing since 2008, the job mar­ket for these work­ers has remained rel­a­tive­ly strong and steady in East … Link: http://view.koreaherald.com/kh/view.php?cpv=0&ud=20120618001286

Talent War | The Mining Battle

Bruno Rizzuto’s father, Cesare, was 19 when he got off a boat in Halifax from southern Italy in 1951. With no coat, and “5 cents in his pocket” he headed for the gold mines of Timmins, Ontario, where he worked underground for 41 years. Six decades later Rizzuto, a Calgary-based recruiter, is looking for people like his … Continue reading

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