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Canada Job Report for August – Be very careful with the jobs numbers

Derek Holt, VP at Scotiank Economics, urged clients on Friday to approach Statistics Canada’s latest reading on the country’s labour market with caution, calling some details in the report “very fishy.” According to the agency, the Canadian economy unexpectedly lost 11,000 jobs in August from July, and the number of private-sector employees fell sharply. The … Continue reading

(Update) Canada’s False Job Report – Caused by non-responses treatment

Here is StatCan official report: Review of the July 2014 Labour Force Survey release What happened? To implement the changes to the processing system, the team believed that they only needed to modify the derivation and weighting modules. What they did not realize was that the imputation module had a reference to the TABS file … Continue reading

Canada’s False Job Report – Caused by non-responses treatment

Statistics Canada’s investigation into the initial miscalculation of July’s jobs numbers found the issue was related to a major redesign of Canada’s Labour Force Survey, as well as employees’ “incomplete understanding” of processing systems…  Statscan’s review of the issue reveals that the survey, which undergoes updates after every census, is in the midst of a … Continue reading

Canada – On StatCan’s attention deficit disorder

But this is far from the only thing troubling regular StatsCan users. I made the following chart to illustrate one of the great frustrations that journalists, economists and academics have with StatsCan. One minute, the agency, tasked with measuring the tick tock of the economy and society, tracks seemingly vital data (such as detailed breakdowns of … Continue reading

(Update) Canada, July 2014 Job Report – An error has been detected says StatCan

An error has been detected in the processing of the August 8 Labour Force Survey release. This error impacts only the July 2014 estimates. The source of the error has been identified and corrected estimates will be released on Friday, August 15, 2014. Statistics Canada takes this matter very seriously and is immediately launching a review of the data verification processes … Continue reading

Canada’s False Job Report – EI claims on hold while StatCan fixes error

Statistics Canada’s decision to pull its latest jobs report forced officials to put employment insurance claims on hold and triggered a flood of speculation from economists as to what Friday’s updated numbers will reveal. Approvals for EI claims are partly based on regional unemployment rates, but officials say staff will be able to manage the … Continue reading

Canada – Better Labour Market Information are needed says the Auditor-General

The Auditor-General is weighing into the heated debate over job vacancy data, calling on Statistics Canada to provide more detailed information as to exactly where shortages are occurring and for precisely what jobs and skills.  Auditor-General Michael Ferguson’s Spring 2014 report, released Tuesday, includes a largely positive report on the performance of Statistics Canada, but … Continue reading

Job Report in Canada / StatsCan’s numbers questioned

Put the Department of Finance on the growing list of observers who are questioning the accuracy of Canada’s unemployment numbers. According to documents obtained by the Globe and Mail, the department has concluded that volatility in Canada’s jobs data is “well above” normal. “The volatility of employment growth as measured by the [Labour Force Survey] … Continue reading

Canada / The Jobs Data Mystery goes on (Well, we know that the LFS sample is small…)

Statistics Canada released payroll data Friday for the month of July, numbers that come nearly two months after the agency released the closely-watched labor force survey for that same month. Continue reading

Canada / The Jobs Gap for Immigrants

Immigrants are less likely to have a job than their Canadian-born counterparts, according to Statistics Canada data Continue reading

Canada’s Census / Statscan chief finds Canada’s first National Household Survey a “success,”

Canada’s first National Household Survey has been a “success,” and those who criticize the quality of its data are doing a “disservice to Canadians,” Statistics Canada’s chief statistician says. Continue reading

Canada / Gap between youth and adult employment widest in 35 years

Young people in Canada have long faced a tougher slog in the job market than adults, but the gap between youth and adult unemployment has now reached the widest gap in 35 years, a new Statistics Canada report shows. The youth unemployment rate in 2012 was 2.4 times that of adults — marking the biggest … Continue reading

Canada | The Issue is Unemployment Not Labour Shortages

The federal government is basing labour market policy on the belief that,  as Jason Kenney pithily puts it in today’s Globe, there are “large and growing labour shortages.”  Hence moves to bring in even more temporary foreign workers at lower than average wages, and to push EI claimants into supposedly available jobs. Not that the … Continue reading

Statistics Canada Economists | A substantial number of layoffs

A substantial number of the 2,500 economists working at Statistics Canada could end up with notices that their jobs are affected by the Conservative government’s budget cuts, forcing them to compete with each other for their jobs, says the union representing them.

Canada | National Volunteer Week | 13 M volunteered in 2010

Statistics Canada says more than 13 million Canadians did volunteer work in 2010. The agency says that number accounted for 47 per cent of Canadians over the age of 15. Volunteers devoted almost 2.1 billion hours of their time, which Statistics Canada says is the equivalent of almost 1.1 million full-time jobs. Ten per cent … Continue reading

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