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Swiss / Influx of Skilled EU Workers Good for the Economy says Zurich-based KOF

The strong inflow of immigrants into Switzerland in the decade through 2011 helped boost the Alpine country’s economy and hasn’t led to local workers being squeezed out of the labor market, according to a study by the KOF economic institute. “On the contrary, the influx of foreign workers into Switzerland since 2002 has reduced unemployment … Continue reading

Vietnam / Mekong delta short of skilled workers

Vietnam’s tourism experts say a lack of skilled workers will hinder tourism development in the Mekong River delta and cause the region to lag behind other areas of the country. Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism’s southern office acting director, Le Van Hung, told local media that the delta was one of the country’s most … Continue reading

Canada / High-skilled jobs in Canada have experienced a notable increase in relative share says TD

The issue of job-market “polarization” has captured significant attention in the U.S. and other ad- vanced economies in recent years. This longer-term trend has been characterized by the relative decline of medium-skilled, medium-paid jobs against a backdrop of growing opportunities for both highly-skilled, highly-paid and low-skilled, low-paid employment. Indeed, a 2011 report by TD Economics … Continue reading

China / The Skills Gap moves inland

Shift from coastal regions creates vacancies in central, western China China’s fast-developing economy is thirsty for talent, with skilled workers required by almost every industry. The nation’s human resources market experienced uneven development in 2012, akin to the pattern of its economic growth. Central, western and northeastern regions of the country were expected to notch … Continue reading

Canada / Talent War / Skilled immigrants: They’re not lining up anymore

If you’re an engineer in China or Brazil, you have a good life. Why come and freeze in Canada, right? It’s a truism that Canada is a nation of immigrants, but in the years ahead, demographics — an aging population and low birthrate — and changing employment patterns, with increased demand for specific skills, indicate … Continue reading

US – Benefits of High-Skilled Immigrants

The technology journalist Robert X Cringley has an article criticizing H1-B visas that I think is worth offering a rebuttal to. In contrast to pro-immigration voices that is often associated with Silicon Valley, this piece reflects the anti-immigration sentiment that I think reflects the same old protectionism we see in many other places in this … Continue reading

Australia – 3,000 Papua New Guineans skilled workers

And Papua New Guineans have such a good reputation they are getting promoted faster than their Australian counterparts. Latest estimates suggest up to 3000 skilled Papua New Guineans have moved to Australia. Ben Imbun, a Senior Lecturer at the School of Management at the University of Western Sydney has been tracking their movements. He told … Continue reading

Talent War – From Brain Drain to Brain Circulation

Representatives from higher education institutions in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia met last week in Seeon, Germany, at the Sixth Annual Strategic Leaders Global Summit, an event co-hosted by Germany’s Technische Universitat Munchenthe and the Council of Graduate Schools, which is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The meeting’s theme was “From Brain Drain to … Continue reading

Canada – Skilled Worker immigration halted

The process of immigration for skilled workers has been on hold Citizenship and Immigration Canada has brought in new changes in the Immigration procedure and criteria too. The selection procedure has also been changed. The applicants have to meet tougher criteria which might be good news for many while it gives a tough time to … Continue reading

Australia – Mines may turn to less-skilled workers

THE Department of Treasury has been told mining companies may be forced to use less experienced staff to proceed on a significant pipeline of construction in the sector. In its quarterly economic roundup, Treasury says the mining industry is facing challenges recruiting and contracting workers, particularly for highly-specialised technical positions. “With a significant pipeline of … Continue reading

Malaysia requires at least 33% skilled workers by 2015

Malaysia requires at least 33 per cent highly skilled workers in the industrial sector by 2015 and increasing to 50 per cent to accommodate national manpower needs by 2020. Public Works Ministry secretary-general Datuk Himmat Singh said the sector is still facing an influx of foreign workers leading to muted response of local youths to … Continue reading

Skilled Worker Shortage: Perhaps we don’t understand the problem well enough

We’ve been seeking solutions to manufacturing’s skilled worker shortage for so long, I have to conclude: Perhaps we don’t understand the problem well enough to either effectively communicate our needs to the potential workforce or to change our hiring practices… The question is: Do you think the general populace knows this fact or understands its … Continue reading

The Talent War – Skilled international workers in high demand: recruitment executive

Accord­ing to this index, which the com­pa­ny has been gen­er­at­ing since 2008, the job mar­ket for these work­ers has remained rel­a­tive­ly strong and steady in East … Link:

In The News | Work-life Balance, Most Unemployed Have College Experience, RIM Layoffs: Up to 6,000, Germany to Lack 3 Million Skilled Workers by 2025 and Much More

    Work-life balance: World’s 20 best cities – Business – The biggest challenge for workers across the world is to find a perfect balance between work and life. Long work hours can impact health, jeopardise safety and increase stress among employees, acco… JobMarketMon     Number of the Week: Most Unemployed Have College … Continue reading

Brain Drain | India top exporter of skilled immigrants to Australia

India has climbed to the top of the charts as the top source country for skilled permanent migrants to Australia. Chris Bowen, the Australian immigration minister who is visiting India, told TOI, “The strongest link between Australia and India is peopleto-people through immigration . India has for several years been our third largest source of … Continue reading

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