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The Sharing Economy – The gains are captured primarily by people below median income

What does your research show about the potential benefits – as well as potential downsides – of these new ways of making money? In some of my own work, I take a stab at quantifying impact by imagining an economy in which, in addition to buying new and used products, consumers can rent from each … Continue reading

Independent Workers in US – 9% report using at least one On-Demand economy platform as a source of work or income

The On-Demand Economy has hit the headlines and caught mainstream attention. Often referred to as the sharing economy, this rapidly growing segment includes high-profile players such as Airbnb (lodging), Uber and Lyft (taxi services), Handy (clean- ers), Etsy (crafts), TaskRabbit (general tasks) and many others. Broadly defined, the On-Demand economy refers to economic activity generated … Continue reading

Unlocking the sharing economy in UK – A report

In September 2014, Matthew Hancock MP, the Business Minister, asked me to write a report on the sharing economy – and to make recommendations as to how the UK could become a global centre for this fast-growing sector. The sharing economy allows people to share property, resources, time and skills across online platforms. This can … Continue reading

The Sharing Economy – The dark side of the jobs

It’s true that, in many ways, sharing-economy jobs can offer more autonomy than traditional employer-employee relationships. But there’s a dark side to these work arrangements that gets considerably less press: the shifting of risk off corporate balance sheets and onto the shoulders of individual Americans, who may not even realize what kinds of liabilities they’re … Continue reading

When the sharing-economy gets at your job

I love the sharing economy because it’s efficient. Got some spare time? Become a TaskRabbit! Spare space? AirBNB it! A car and nowhere to go? Drive for Uber or Lyft! The taxi industry is a regulatory-capture nightmare. Disrupt ‘em ’til they’re dead? Don’t mind if you do! …And yet our 21st-century sharing-economy dream is beginning … Continue reading

Seven job creation strategies for city harness the sharing economy

How can a city harness the sharing economy in order to create jobs and develop enterprise? Continue reading

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