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US – Private Sector Payroll Jobs During Presidential Terms

Th[is] graph is for private employment only. Mr. Trump is in Orange (30 months). The employment recovery during Mr. G.W. Bush’s (red) first term was sluggish, and private employment was down 821,000 jobs at the end of his first term.   At the end of Mr. Bush’s second term, private employment was collapsing, and there were net 382,000 private … Continue reading

Unemployment in US – The largest drop in the rate between a presidential and midterm elections on records

Midterm elections often end up serving as a referendum on the president’s performance. Given this, I’ve been surprised not to hear Democrats more aggressively trumpeting the improving economy. After all, the unemployment rate has fallen by two percentage points since the last election, and at 5.9 percentage points it is far lower than many had … Continue reading

Minimum wage in US – Over 500 economists sign a petition to the President against an increase

The “recovery” from the Great Recession has been anemic. Business growth, job creation, and consumer spending remain tenuous. Since the official trough in June 2009, median income has fallen, real wages have barely risen, unemployment remains elevated, and because so many Americans have left the workforce entirely, the fraction of the population working is below … Continue reading

US federal workforce / The three episodes of cuts

There have been three modern episodes in which federal employees have been cut during a presidential administration: the post-World War II demobilization under president Harry S Truman (1945-53); the Cold War peace dividend and budget cuts under president Clinton (1992-2000); and now Obama, who has downsized the federal government during the recession. Here’s a comparison: via … Continue reading

US / Job Creation Under The Last 5 Presidents

This graph shows the change in private sector payroll jobs from when each president took office until the end of their term(s).  President George H.W. Bush only served one term, and President Obama has just started his second term. Mr. G.W. Bush (red) took office following the bursting of the stock market bubble, and left during the bursting of … Continue reading

There have been only two administrations that turned in a worse performance in private-sector job growth says

The December jobs figures out today indicate that there were 725,000 more jobs in the private sector than at the end of 2008 — and 697,000 fewer government jobs. That works into a private-sector gain of 0.6 percent, and a government sector decline of 3.1 percent. In total, the number of people with jobs is … Continue reading

How many more private-sector jobs since Obama’s election?

The nation does have 4.5 million more private-sector jobs than it did in January 2010. But by then, Mr. Obama had already been in office for a year. Starting the jobs count in January 2009, the month Mr. Obama took office, shows that the nation now has only 332,000 more private-sector jobs now. Figuring out … Continue reading

President Obama on the Economy vs Golf

As of last week, the president had played 102 rounds of golf since taking office. According to White House reporter Keith Koffler, each golf outing takes about five hours. Using arithmetic — something apparently unfamiliar to Democrats, given their staunch refusal to pass a federal budget — Obama has spent about 510 hours golfing. This … Continue reading

Chart – Public employment by President

Source: The Center of the Universe » Blog Archive » Public employment by President.

Still not enough jobs – The News Herald

The jobs situation nationally is slowly improving, but is the pace fast enough to reward President Barack Obama with reelection? The administration says January saw a net gain of 243,000 jobs, and 351,000 newly laid-off workers sought unemployment benefits last week, the fewest since March 2008. These encouraging signs come as the number of people … Continue reading

Governors flank Obama on job growth pitch – Byron Tau –

Democratic governors joined President Barack Obama Friday in full 2012 campaign mode, defending the president’s record on the economy. The governors, who met with Obama while in town for this weekend’s National Governor’s Association conference, touted job creation — long considered Obama’s top political vulnerability — as a political strength. They pointed particularly to growth … Continue reading

Republican Study Committee | Who Killed the Jobs? – Power Line

This chart tells you just about everything you need to know as you prepare to vote in 2012. Prepared by the Republican Study Committee, it depicts the percentage of Americans in the labor force from January 2005 (commonly known as the “good old days” through January 2012. The decline in the number of working Americans … Continue reading

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