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UK – 12.4% or 1 in 8, were born abroad in 2013, 8.9% in 2004 finds ONS

This article outlines the latest population estimates for the UK by country of birth and nationality, covering the period from 2004 up to the latest data for the year ending December 2013. The report discusses how these figures have changed over this period and highlights any statistically significant changes over the past two years in … Continue reading

Graying World – There will be 13 ‘super-aged’ nations by 2020

The world is graying at a break-neck pace and that’s bad news for the global economy. By 2020, 13 countries will be “super-aged” — with more than 20% of the population over 65 — according to a report by Moody’s Investor Service. That number will rise to 34 nations by 2030. Only three qualify now: … Continue reading

Half the world’s population lives in six countries

More than 7.2 billion people exist in the world today with half the global population residing in just six countries, United Nations data show. China and India have some of the biggest populations with more than 1 billion people each. And those numbers are projected to get even bigger, especially in urban areas. The U.N. … Continue reading

US – The end of the “age pyramid”

The “age pyramid.” Each bar represents a five year age cohort; with those ages 0-4 on the bottom and those ages 85 and older on the top. In every society since the start of history, whenever you broke down any population this way, you’d always get a pyramid. But from 1960 to 2060, our pyramid … Continue reading

Japan – Tokyo keeps growing as population falls

While Japan’s population fell for the fifth straight year and grew older in 2013, the number of residents in the country’s three main urban centers increased to a record high, as people continued to move out of regional areas. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Tokyo Keeps Growing as Japan’s Population Falls – … Continue reading

Ghana / Improving human capital to get the Demographic Dividend

Discussants at a National Dialogue on Harnessing the Demographic Dividend for Ghana’s Development agree there’s a need for the country to improve the quality of its human capital Continue reading

India / Will the world’s most populous country by 2028 reap a ‘demographic dividend’ ?

Given the one-child policy’s lock on China’s fertility, nobody expected it to remain the world’s most populous country forever. India had been projected to grab this title by 2045 or even 2035. But a new UN report notes that we are hurtling towards this ‘takeover’ faster than anticipated and will become the world’s most populous … Continue reading

US Census / Asians fastest-growing ethnic group and median age climbed to 37.4 in 2012

The U.S. Census Bureau announced Asians were the nation’s fastest-growing race or ethnic group in 2012. Their population rose by 530,000, or 2.9 percent, in the preceding year, to 18.9 million, according to Census Bureau annual population estimates. More than 60 percent of this growth in the Asian population came from international migration. By comparison, … Continue reading

US Census / Are Big City Growth Coming Back ?

Big cities could be making a growth comeback after a rocky decade. Their growth rates are rising and, for the second year in a row, they are growing faster than their surrounding suburbs. The Census Bureau’s new release of population estimates for cities through July 2012 offer some surprises in light of recent trends. After … Continue reading

2050: With fewer people we can’t just get rid of people and hire news ones

Mara Swan shared a map showing the predicted distribution for the estimated world population in 2050. It shows that the population is moving east (which represents a big challenge for values and mind-sets – most of our companies are based on Western and Christian values, yet most of the workforce’s are based on Eastern and … Continue reading

India / A “demographic dividend” ?

ONE of India’s bigger private-sector employers can be found in Patna, the capital of Bihar, a poor, populous state in the east of the country. Narendra Kumar Singh, the boss, has three gold rings on his right hand and arms big enough to crush rocks. His firm, Frontline, has 86,000 people on its books. They … Continue reading

Ontario / People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People

Rick Miner, Ph.D.  produced the report People Without Jobs, Jobs Without People in February 2010. Job Market Monitor chooses to present some excerpts given its relevancy in the debate about the extend of the Skills Gap in Canada. -*- While much of the world is understandably focused on the current recession, there is a looming demographic and labour … Continue reading

Spain / Population falls

Spain’s official population fell last year for the first time since records began as immigrants fled a five-year on-and-off recession that has sent unemployment soaring. The number of residents fell by 206,000 to 47.1 million, the National Statistics Institute said on Monday, a figure entirely accounted for by the fall in the number of registered … Continue reading

The Ageing Population: no historical evidence of impact on productivity or creativity

Complaints about the graying of the population sometimes imply an inevitable loss of economic dynamism. But I know of no historical evidence that either the productivity or the creativity of a society is determined by the age structure of its population. The interaction between demographic and economic change is so much more complex than the … Continue reading

China / Working-age population shrank in 2012

China’s working-age population shrank in 2012, marking the beginning of a trend that will accelerate over the next two decades and have profound implications for the world’s second-largest economy. By the end of December China’s population aged between 15 and 59 was 937.27 m, a decrease of 3.45m from 2011, according to figures released by … Continue reading

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