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UK / The current chaos at Jobcentres

The country’s policy for dealing with unemployment is inherently built for the good years and is ill-equipped to support the unemployed workforce of post-crash Britain, a fact which has important implications for the role of job centres Continue reading

Europe / Are leaders aware of the miseries of mass unemployment?

Unemployment in Europe is at record levels and rising. Five European leaders (Dijsselbloem, Rehn, Asmussen, Regling and Hoyer) declared in The New York Times (April 17) that their current policies of austerity bring: serious social challenges, notably in the form of unacceptably high unemployment. These challenges have to be addressed with determination. But there is … Continue reading

India Gov’t unveils big bang reforms

After months of dithering on the economy, India’s beleaguered government roared back to life in dramatic fashion on Friday, announcing big bang reforms as part of package of measures aimed at reviving growth and staving off a ratings downgrade. A day after sharply increasing the price of heavily subsidized diesel, the government said it was … Continue reading

EU – The Employment Crisis – a New Brussels’ Priority

“The per­sis­tent­ly wors­en­ing employ­ment sit­u­a­tion rep­re­sents the biggest worry of Euro­pean cit­i­zens and gov­ern­ments today, as well as a threat to Europe’s medium-to-long term sta­bil­i­ty, com­pet­i­tive­ness and pros­per­i­ty. Between 2008 and mid-2012, the EU27 … http://www.euinside.eu/en/news/eu-globalisation-fund-success


Immigration has turned into a politically sensitive issue in almost all of the economically developed receiving states. Particularly in Europe, this situation has led to the replacement of post-war laissez-faire approaches to labour migration with tighter policies in a number of countries, influencing also the entry conditions of high-skilled migrants from the third countries in … Continue reading

Job Gap is extending and has entered a new, more structural phase as austerity prevails says ILO who calls for a Global Job Pact

The World of Work Report 2012 provides a comprehensive analysis of recent labour market and social trends, assesses risks of social unrest and presents employment projections for the next five years. The report emphasizes that while employment has begun to recover slowly, job quality is deteriorating and there is a growing sense of unfairness. Moreover, … Continue reading

Academic economists played a big role in causing the crisis says Joseph Stiglitz

Academic economists played a big role in causing the crisis. Their models were overly simplified, distorted, and left out the most important aspects. Those faulty models then encouraged policy-makers to believe that the markets would solve all the problems. Before the crisis, if I had been a narrow-minded economist, I would have been very pleased … Continue reading

Labour Market Regulations : Policy makers do not necessarily have a comprehensive approach

Mariya Aleksynska and Martin Schindler provide descriptive statistics showing that there exists substantial heterogeneity in labor market institutions across regions and income groupings, and that much of the sample variation is driven by institutional changes over time in low- and middle-income countries in Labor Market Regulations in Low-, Middle- and High-Income Countries: A New Panel Database published bu imf.org. (Adapted excerpts by … Continue reading

Tunisia | Poll Shows Impatience with Employment Policy

Public discontent over the issue of unemployment appears to be growing despite the efforts of the interim government to address the deteriorating job situation in Tunisia. According to a poll released by SIGMA Conseil, 61.5 % of Tunisians are dissatisfied with the employment policy of the government and 56% of Tunisians are dissatisfied with the policy … Continue reading

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