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PhD in Australia – Who are the top employers?

For many PhD graduates entering the employment market with recent research training under their belt, a career in research and higher education would seem to be the obvious choice. After all, that is the kind of work they have been trained to do. However, with the steep rise in PhD graduations in recent years, and … Continue reading

PhDs’ Early Career in France – Eight career trajectories

For those who obtained their PhDs in 2010, research remains the main opening. If they embark on careers in public-sector research, their trajectories during the first five years of their working lives are synonymous with periods of temporary employment of varying lengths. These trajectories contrast sharply with those of PhDs who seek employment in the … Continue reading

PhD en France –

Pour les docteurs diplômés en 2010, le débouché principal reste la recherche. Dans la recherche publique, leurs trajectoires professionnelles durant les cinq premières années de vie active sont synonymes de passages plus ou moins longs par l’emploi à durée déterminée. Ces parcours tranchent avec ceux des docteurs qui s’orientent très tôt vers les emplois du … Continue reading

Australia / PhDs Graduates struggle to find employment in their field

A report into the job prospects of Australian PhD students has found that many struggle to find employment in their field when they graduate. The students say they get stuck in the middle of being too highly educated for some jobs, but not experienced enough for senior research roles. Transcript (Audio Podcast) TONY EASTLEY: A … Continue reading

Jobs – Offres d’emploi – US & Canada (Eng. & Fr.)

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