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Over-education of Immigrants in Canada – A much higher likelihood of over-education than US peers

Canada and the United States are two major immigrant destinations with distinct immigration policies. The two countries also differ in immigration level and economy size, but their government structures, economic systems and social environment have many similarities. These similarities and differences provide a useful setting for comparative immigration research. This study assesses the degree of … Continue reading

Over-education Immigration in Canada – Recent immigrants experienced a clear occupational downgrading

The educational attainment of the Canadian population has been rising rapidly in recent decades. There is concern that educational expansion has outpaced demand, leading to an increased prevalence of over-education. Over-education is defined as educational qualification that exceeds what is required to adequately perform the job. This study uses census data to document the rising … Continue reading

Over-Education in Canada – The effects on life satisfaction weaker in the immigrant population

The increased migration of skilled workers globally has led to a focus in the immigration literature on the economic costs of unsuccessful labour market integration. Less attention has been given to the consequences of employment difficulties, such as those related to over-education, on aspects of immigrants’ subjective well-being. Although a large proportion of immigrants experience … Continue reading

US / 36% ‘mal-employment’ rate for college grads

More than a third of recent college grads with jobs are working in positions that don’t require a degree. The “mal-employment” rate, and right now it tops 36% for college-educated workers under the age of 25. Continue reading

India / Education: Muslim, Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes identities have impact on the probability of over education study finds

In their analysis Anirban Mukherjee and Sourabh Bikas Paul Community identity and skill mismatch: A study on Indian labour market “characterize skill mismatch in Indian labor market” and assess “the role of community identity in explaining the existence of skill mismatch measured by the di fference between a laborer’s education level and the educational requirement of a job (s)he is … Continue reading

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