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Immigration in New Zealand – No adverse wage impact on native workers of similar skill

The recent international literature on immigration wage effects has shown contrasting results. Past studies have focussed on the effect of low skilled immigrants on native-born workers in the US, and have yielded results ranging from no impact to negative impacts. This paper, by contrast, explores the outcomes of highly skilled immigration on the wages of … Continue reading

A Unified VE System in NZ – Putting industry in charge and ensuring regional skills needs are met

To have effective vocational education, industry needs a say in what providers teach so that on-campus and online students learn the skills they need to be ready for the world of work. Around four to seven industry-governed Workforce Development Councils will be set up from 2020 onwards to give industry greater leadership across vocational education. … Continue reading

Going off Welfare in NZ – The highest rates of exiting benefits were men, young people, Asian and Pacific peoples, and people who had less history

Taylor Fry were commissioned by Superu to look at where people go when they move off benefit in New Zealand. We used the linked administrative datasets available on Statistics New Zealand’s Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) to examine the characteristics of, and outcomes for people who move off a benefit. We looked at people who moved … Continue reading

Youth Guarantee in New Zealand – Effective in keeping more young people in education and engaging young NEETs

Youth Guarantee Fees-Free places were implemented in 2010, as the first part of the Youth Guarantee policy. The Youth Guarantee policy provides opportunities for young people to achieve education success, and progress into further education, training and employment. It supports schools, tertiary education organisations and employers to work together. Youth Guarantee Fees-Free provides full-time, fees-free … Continue reading

Skills Gap and Tertiary Education in New Zealand – Employer satisfaction with graduates is mixed

There are mixed opinions on how well New Zealand’s tertiary system prepares graduates for employment. For example, Universities New Zealand (sub. 17) submitted that it is a myth that universities are producing poor quality graduates or graduates that are not work ready. Others, including Ed.Collective (sub. 89) offered a different assessment. …there are areas where … Continue reading

Trial Periods in New Zealand – No evidence of increased employment beyond the trial period

In March 2009, an amendment to the Employment Relations Act (2000) came into effect that introduced 90-day trial periods in employment for firms with fewer than 20 employees. A worker new to a small firm could be hired on a trial period, and for the first 90 days of his employment the legal requirements for … Continue reading

New Zealand – An inquiry into “new models of tertiary education”

Some aspects of tertiary education in New Zealand have transformed nearly beyond recognition in just the last few decades – for example, the ability of nearly every student to access almost unlimited content in real time via the internet. Other aspects, such as a university lecture, would be readily recognisable to medieval scholars. The big … Continue reading

New Zealand / Many more jobs but wages increase slowly

Employment increased strongly over the last three months of 2013; wages, not so much. The number of people employed rose by 24,000 or 1.1 per cent in the December quarter, Statistics New Zealand reported, enough to offset a migration-fuelled increase in the labour force and still reduce the unemployment rate to 6 per cent from … Continue reading

New Zealand / A quarter of population born overseas according to census

This year’s Census results showed a quarter of New Zealand’s population was born overseas and one in eight people living in New Zealand are Asian Continue reading

New Zealand / Unemployment Rate drops at 6.2 per cent

The job market stormed ahead in the March quarter, with unemployment tumbling to 6.2 per cent in the March quarter, compared with a revised 6.8 per cent in the December quarter. In a rebound from bad figures in the December quarter, there were 38,000 more people employed this quarter – up 1.7 per cent, Statistics … Continue reading

New Zealand / A jobs crisis?

Transpacific waste management is the latest company to announce job cuts. It comes at the end of a week when at least 1000 more workers could be facing unemployment with Telecom restructuring and Solid Energy in financial trouble. But are we facing a jobs crisis? Transpacific has announced 200 jobs across Australia and New Zealand … Continue reading

Fracking and Jobs Debate / Report says it could create 7 000 jobs in NZ while UK gives green light

Venture Taranaki has joined in on the fracking debate, releasing a study that forecasts billions of dollars and thousands of jobs over the next decade if fracking is allowed to continue. The economic development agency and Wellington-based economic analysis company Berl have developed a report on the economic impact of the fracking of onshore oil … Continue reading

NZ / Skills Gap / Rising generation out of jobs

As students look to next year, the Herald begins a week-long investigation into why so many are leaving school without the skills they need. Students James Aylett and Paige Tapara of Rosehill College already have ideas about the careers they’d like to follow. Photo / Natalie Slade A tragic mismatch of skills is shutting most … Continue reading

Australia and New Zealand / Partnership for jobs training

New Zealand and Australia are aiming to jointly develop tertiary and vocational education to meet the needs of employers on both sides of the Tasman, New Zealand Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce said Wednesday. Joyce said he would be the first New Zealand Minister to attend Australia’s Ministerial Standing Council on Tertiary … Continue reading

New Zealand | Unemployment the highest in 13 years

Latest figures show more and more New Zealanders are out of work, with unemployment the highest in 13 years. Experts are calling it “shocking” while unions say it’s a “national crisis”. And the unemployment rate of 7.3% even took the Prime Minister by surprise although he has questioned if his own statisticians have got it … Continue reading

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