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Canada – Migrant workers will now receive the EI Parental Benefits

More than 100 migrant agriculture workers will now receive the EI Parental Benefits they were wrongfully denied by an Employment Insurance tribunal, in the wake of a successful legal battle supported by UFCW Canada, the Agriculture Workers Alliance, and argued by Niagara North Community Legal Assistance and the Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC). “That migrant … Continue reading

A Migrant worker in China / “The money you make sacrificing happy times won’t buy back happy times that have lapsed”

Like many hard-working domestic helpers in Hong Kong, a large number of China’s more than 260 million migrant workers live in cities far from their rural home towns Continue reading

Korean-Chinese Labourers / Work in poor conditions

Korean-Chinese labourers often take dirty and dangerous jobs shunned by South Koreans and work in poor conditions without proper safety training Continue reading

Moscow / Underground Sweatshop city of 260 migrant workers found

An underground factory for immigrant workers to make clothes in sweatshops has been discovered under a street in Moscow. The cramped complex, which was home to about 260 migrants, contained dormitories and workshops packed with sewing machines as well as a canteen, a chicken coop, a cinema and casino. The undocumented workers were arrested during … Continue reading

China / Growing competition pushes migrant worker pay growth down in 2012

The annual increase in pay for China’s 163 million migrant workers almost halved in 2012, an official survey showed on Monday, signaling a looser labor market as economic growth slows. The average monthly wage of migrant workers grew 11.8 percent in 2012 from the previous year to 2,290 yuan ($370). That marked a sharp slowdown … Continue reading

Malaysia / Hiring Bangladeshi migrants to start from January 13

Malaysia has resumed recruiting Bangladeshi migrant workers after a four-year pause, an official said Tuesday, in a move easing Dhaka’s remittance worries after the jobs market in the Middle East dried up. The Bangladesh government on Monday announced that an online registration process for those seeking work in Malaysia would start from January 13, following … Continue reading

China / Unemployment on rise

China, with a 4.1 percent urban unemployment rate, is feeling the pressure from the country’s sluggish economy, as new job growth slows and more people become unemployed, a top official said today. “The impact of economic slowdown on the job market is starting to emerge,” said Vice Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Yang … Continue reading

Immigrant workers | Boosting The Incomes Of Less-Educated Native Workers

. The Economic Impact of Immigrant-Related Local Ordinances “… provides the first comparative look at the average economic effects of how restrictive versus non-restrictive immigration-related city ordinances affect a city’s business environment” writes the Americas Society. “Since 2005, in a climate of increasing concern and urgency about the nation’s current and future migratory flows, cities and … Continue reading

China – Job Gap – Workers leaving cities and going back to their home towns

Migrant workers who look for jobs in cities in China are now leaving the cities and going back to their home towns as jobs losses mount amid economic slowdown.  This wave of migrant workers leaving cities emerges for the first time since the financial crisis 2008/09. A lot of migrant workers who were originally living … Continue reading

Migrant Workers | A8 Countries | Great Britain: Overall, have contributed to the growth of the UK economy

“In May 2004 the UK, Sweden and Ireland were the only EU countries to fully open their labour markets to migrant workers from A8 countries.[1]” write Nick Clark and Jane Hardy in Free Movement in the EU – The Case of Great Britain, a report publisher on Bibliothek der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. “The same access to labour … Continue reading

UK | Skilled migrant cap frozen for two years

The British government has bowed to pressure from business by pledging to freeze the cap on the number of skilled workers allowed into the UK for two years. The annual limit on skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area will remain at 20,700 until April 2014, the Home Office said on Wednesday. Independent advisers … Continue reading

Migrant workers need better integration in Canada, study urges – The Globe and Mail

Good Mexican restaurants in rural Ontario, small-town church services in Spanish, and gridlocked Friday nights with busloads of men wiring money home and crowding into the local grocery store. These are a few of the visible signs of the growth of Canada’s migrant agricultural worker programs, which are becoming an increasingly permanent fixture of the … Continue reading

Foreign workers forced out by gov’t policy – News – The Prague Post

When Olga S., 33, left her village in west Ukraine nine years ago in search of a job in the Czech Republic, finding work was the easy part of her experience. She did not speak the language and was given a low-skill job at a Prague bakery. She slept at a boarding house for migrant … Continue reading

Migrants elbow for Foxconn jobs despite labor probe – Business LIVE

Apple’s top manufacturer in China, Foxconn Technology, is having no problems luring fresh workers to churn out ever more gadgets, despite the firm’s reputation as a tough employer that has put it under a thorough probe into its labor practices. On a smoggy day in a gritty industrial suburb of Shenzhen, thousands of job seekers, … Continue reading

Québec must revise its immigration law and programs to put an end to the systemic discrimination of migrant workers

Québec must revise its immigration law and programs to put an end to the systemic discrimination of migrant workers, says the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse The Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse is urging the Québec government to change its immigration … Continue reading

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