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Slowing Labour Force Growth in Canada – The country can no longer rely on labour force growth to offset its poor investment and productivity record of recent years

Most projections show that the growth of Canada’s labour force will continue to slow for years, with growth dependent on immigration as our population ages. However, the pandemic has reinforced the fact that projections about the future are inherently uncertain. Already, immigration fell sharply in 2020. The pandemic’s effect on the long-term course of labour … Continue reading

Labour Force in Canada, Projections to 2036 – Expected to continue to increase, from 19.7 million in 2017 to 22.9 million in 2036

In this study, data from the Demosim microsimulation model are used to assess the labour force participation rate of Canadians in 2036 under various scenarios of population growth and participation rates by age. In addition, the article provides an overview of the ethnocultural characteristics of persons who will be in the labour force in 2036, … Continue reading

Participation in Canada – 70 per cent of decline over the past year has been due to decreased female participation

Canada’s labour force participation rate — the percentage of people with a job — has been declining, and according to TD economist Brian DePratto, more than 70 per cent of that decline over the past year has been due to decreased female participation. Contrary to a popular theory, it’s not baby boomers retiring and leaving … Continue reading

Australia – Investigations on The Labour Force estimates

This statement provides background information on issues identified in seasonally adjusted labour force estimates over the period July-September 2014, on the investigations undertaken to understand these issues and the proposed approach for the release of the October 2014 labour force estimates on 6 November 2014. The key points are: The ABS took the unusual step … Continue reading

The Nordic Countries / Statistics on integration

Nordic Pocket Facts is the result of cooperation between the Nordic countries that began in 2011. It provides a picture of the similarities and differences of labour market integration in the Nordic countries. It also provides a tool for detecting, revealing and preventing barriers to integration such as discrimination Continue reading

Singapore | Working age population to contract by over 330,000

“The world’s working-age population will increase by over a billion people over the next 20 years, but all growth will come in developing economies while at the same time the developed world will see its workforce shrink and age. In Singapore, the working age population will fall by 338,000 people by 2030.” writes Chris Mead … Continue reading

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