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Flexiblility / Anxious workers and declining living standards

As the Bank of England’s chief economist Spencer Dale put it in a speech on Wednesday, shortly after the jobs figures were published, “the harsh but inescapable reality,” is that, “households and families in our economy are worse off. Much worse off.” He highlights the “extraordinary flexibility” of wages. Once adjusted for inflation, pay is … Continue reading

Working America – An Overview

Daily stock indices, monthly employment reports, and even quarterly data on the gross domestic product are insufficient indicators for answering this vital question: How well is the American economy providing acceptable growth in living standards for most households? EPI’s The State of Working America, 12th Edition looks broadly at available data and concludes that the … Continue reading

Where Have the Workers Gone?

Jessie Romero of the Rich­mond Fed ana­lyzes why so many peo­ple are leav­ing the labor force, and what are they doing after they exit: Where Have All the Work­ers Gone?, by Jessie Romero, Rich­mond Fed: Since Sep­tem­ber of last year, the unem­ploy­ment rate in the Unit­ed States has declined near­ly a full per­cent­age point, from … Continue reading

Lost jobs aren’t coming back and new skills are needed

Do we expect the jobs that resulted from the housing boom to once again come to the rescue of low-wage Americans? The run-up in home prices that triggered the jump in construction and local spending was relatively short-lived, and home prices have returned to the levels where one might expect them to be, based on … Continue reading

From factories to cubicles – 60 years of labor market changes in a chart

Labour Market Regulations : Policy makers do not necessarily have a comprehensive approach

Mariya Aleksynska and Martin Schindler provide descriptive statistics showing that there exists substantial heterogeneity in labor market institutions across regions and income groupings, and that much of the sample variation is driven by institutional changes over time in low- and middle-income countries in Labor Market Regulations in Low-, Middle- and High-Income Countries: A New Panel Database published bu (Adapted excerpts by … Continue reading

U.S. | From Unemployment Insurance to Employment Insurance

Pennsylvania millionaire Gene Epstein’s Hire Just One project proposes redirecting unemployment checks to employers as a payroll subsidy reports Newsy. via Newsy | Philanthropist Pitches Jobs Plan to Congress | Multisource Video News Analysis.

Job Report | There is more work to be done says the White House | Bernanke is Right

The Employment Situation in March | The White House There is more work to be done, but today’s employment report provides further evidence that the economy is continuing to recover from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. It is critical that we continue to make smart investments that strengthen our economy and lay a … Continue reading

Two-fifths of high school graduates are unprepared for college or the workforce | The Washington Post

Two-fifths of high school students graduate prepared neither for traditional college nor for career training, according to a study from researchers at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Arizona. College-preparatory programming has expanded dramatically in the past decade, with participation in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate more than tripling. Career-preparatory programs have evolved, as … Continue reading

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