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Dual labor markets in US – The decline in fluidity

Many people have assumed that most of the change has been happening within companies, as certain employees get disproportionately bigger paychecks. But a new study of U.S. incomes since the 1970s shows that most of the rise in inequality has been due to a greater spread in average earnings across companies. The researchers — Erling … Continue reading

US – Workers are hostage to the weakest aspects of the business environment say Harvard Business School’s professors

For America to remain competitive, businesses need to develop a coordinated strategy to lift living standards for the average American worker. So concludes the newly issued annual report from the US Competitiveness Project at Harvard Business School, or HBS. The topic of this year’s survey: “An Economy Doing Half Its Job.” The project is chaired … Continue reading

US Monetary policy – The labor market has yet to fully recover says Yellen

In the five years since the end of the Great Recession, the economy has made considerable progress in recovering from the largest and most sustained loss of employment in the United States since the Great Depression.1 More jobs have now been created in the recovery than were lost in the downturn, with payroll employment in … Continue reading

Yellen’s Testimony – Conditions in the labor market are still far from satisfactory

Conditions in the labor market have continued to improve. The unemployment rate was 6.3 percent in April, about 1-1/4 percentage points below where it was a year ago. Moreover, gains in payroll employment averaged nearly 200,000 jobs per month over the past year. During the economic recovery so far, payroll employment has increased by about … Continue reading

US – The state of the labor market in figures

In advance of the monthly employment report from BLS, the Center for American Progress today released an analysis of the current state of the U.S. labor market. The analysis takes an in-depth look at data beyond the unemployment rate, and finds that the rest of the statistics we have on the labor market paint a … Continue reading

US – Not reallocating labor resources since the Great Recession

The Great Recession appears to have solidified trends that took hold in the early 2000s. During the 1990s, 16 percent of total private-sector employment per quarter was typically accounted for by job churn—expanding companies’ hiring new workers and shrinking ones’ handing out pink slips. Since the turn of the century, the rates of new hirings … Continue reading

US – Looking beyond the Unemployment rate

Looking for an alternative to the Unemployment rate ? Try the employment:population ratio.  One alternative is to ignore the question of who is actively looking for work and focus, instead, on who is working. Specifically, check to see how many people there are in our state and then find out how many of them have … Continue reading

US Job Market / A slow recovery reflecting slow growth in demand says CBO

The deep recession that began in December 2007, when the economy began to contract, and ended in June 2009, when the economy began to expand again, has had a lasting effect on the labor market. More than four and a half years after the end of the recession, employment has risen sluggishly—much more slowly than … Continue reading

US Job Market / “Jobless Recoveries” are likely in the future finds Brookings (Video)

In each of the three most recent U.S. recessions, the unemployment rate has stayed high for longer and longer durations, increasingly resembling the experience of many West European countries in the 1980s Continue reading

US / What explains the yawning gap between jobs open and jobs filled?

Such a structural mismatch may well explain part of the gap, yet it seems unlikely that it explains most of it. A second explanation is that employers are offering jobs at wages that are too low to attract good applicants Continue reading

US / A new labor market indicator: the threshold of initial jobless claims

The paper introduces a new labor market indicator, referred to as the threshold of initial jobless claims, that serves as a benchmark of comparison for the weekly reporting of initial jobless claims. The presented threshold is an improvement over a commonly used rule of thumb in relating initial claims to the upcoming employment report Continue reading

US / Immigration and the Job Market

The belief that immigration would simply displace American workers relies on the assumption that employers would do nothing but replace a costlier domestic labor force with cheaper imports. But companies actually invest and expand to reap the higher profits that the new labor allows. This provides new opportunities for immigrants and domestic workers alike Continue reading

China’s Labor Market

China’s labor markets are flashing a warning sign, with new job adverts on a leading recruitment website sharply down in April, and job losses in manufacturing spreading to the services sector. With the official data on labor markets infrequent — and, in some cases, misleading — alternative indicators take on an added significance. China Real … Continue reading

Asians in the United States / Educational attainment and unemployment

A notable characteristic of the Nation’s Asians is their high rate of educational attainment. Fifty-two percent of those ages 25 and older had a bachelor’s degree or higher in the 2008–2010 period, considerably more than the average of 29 percent for non-Asians. In the 2008–2010 period, Asian Indians had the highest levels of educational attainment: … Continue reading

US Job Market : Overall, an improvement

The chart below tells a familiar, but not too happy, story. Only one of the variables in the collection of employer behavior, employee and employer confidence, and labor resource utilization categories has recovered even half the gap from its prerecession benchmark. The labor resource utilization variables look particularly bad, with one variable—marginally attached workers—actually getting … Continue reading

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