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Job Satisfaction in Canada – Workers whose job gives them some control over their hours of work report higher levels

Workers whose job gives them some control over their hours of work report higher levels of job satisfaction, according to a new study based on the Longitudinal and International Study of Adults (LISA). The new study, published in Insights on Canadian Society, examines the relationship between the two key concepts of job flexibility and job … Continue reading

Work – How you feel about your employer’s mission ?

One of the most important dimensions of job satisfaction is how you feel about your employer’s mission. Suppose you’re weighing two offers for jobs writing advertising copy: One is for an American Cancer Society campaign to discourage teenage smoking, the other for a tobacco industry campaign to encourage it. If pay and other working conditions … Continue reading

Job Satisfaction – 7 in 10 employees unhappy with career opportunities, costing organisations over £16,000 per employee

Stalled progression means 70% of employees are dissatisfied with future career opportunities, leading to massive turnover costs as people pursue new options elsewhere, according to CEB, the best practice insight and technology company. Traditional, linear career paths where employees climb the corporate ladder one promotion at a time are a thing of the past, says … Continue reading

Satisfaction With Job in US – Up from 2005 finds Gallup

Employed Americans’ satisfaction with 13 aspects of their current jobs has largely improved in the last decade. The percentages of workers “completely satisfied” with their health benefits and vacation time have increased the most since 2005, each rising at least 10 percentage points. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Americans’ Satisfaction With … Continue reading

US – Satisfaction with many job aspects returns to high pre-recession levels

In the U.S., 58% of full- or part-time workers are completely satisfied with their job security. This represents an increase from the levels recorded during the aftermath of the Great Recession — from 2009 to 2013 — when roughly 50% of Americans said they were completely satisfied. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole … Continue reading

Job Dissatisfaction – What can you do ?

Sadly, around the world today there are millions of people who go to work every day disliking their job and wishing they were elsewhere (according to Gallup organization, only 13% of people are actively engaged in their jobs.) While the cost to the bottom line in organizations is in the billions, the cost to the … Continue reading

US – Fewer than half of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs

Fewer than half of U.S. workers are satisfied with their jobs, based on a set of survey questions about Americans’ opinions about their workplaces, compensation, job security, co-workers, bosses, chances for promotion, etc. The share is much lower than it was in 1987, when the series began. Interestingly, dissatisfaction among the youngest workers seems to be driving the … Continue reading

World – 75% would change jobs if for more money elsewhere

75% globally agree to the statement: “I would change jobs if I can make more money elsewhere” finds Randstad Workmonitor survey 61% also say that their job is merely a means to make a living and nothing more, according to the latest findings of     Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at Randstad … Continue reading

Middle East – 53% of finance professionals are actively looking for a new job, the highest pourcentage

With extensive job cuts over the last six years and ongoing prudence around pay, financial service employees have every right to feel a little gloomy in the workplace, and yet the majority of people working in the industry are still happy in their roles and the majority are not looking to leave their current job. Only … Continue reading

Amazon – Unhappy workers: Take $5,000 and go

Quitters wanted: Unhappy with your job? Feeling unproductive? Take $5,000 and go.  At least, that’s what Inc. is offering its warehouse employees. In a letter to shareholders this week, Chief Executive Jeffrey Bezos outlined the details of a rare human resources strategy the online retail giant has launched. Dubbed Pay to Quit, the program … Continue reading

India – 85% of employees looking elsewhere

Job opportunities in the market may have become fewer, but that is not stopping 85% of the total workforce from eyeing greener pastures. Most employees are either actively looking for a job or open to talking to recruiters about relevant opportunities, says an annual exit survey by LinkedIn.  The number of employees looking to exit … Continue reading

Giving meaning to a job

Here’s a taste of the evidence on the link between helping others and meaningful work: A comprehensive analysis of data from more than 11,000 employees across industries: the single strongest predictor of meaningfulness was the belief that the job had a positive impact on others. Interviews with a representative sample of Americans: more than half … Continue reading

India / 48% think their current employment as ‘just a job’

Nearly half of Indians consider their current employer to be ‘just a job’, while 43 per cent see their role as part of a career, says a survey. According to a survey by online recruitment solutions provider Monster Worldwide and Gfk, a global market research company, nearly half (48 per cent) of Indians consider their … Continue reading

It’s great to be the boss pool finds

It pays to be the boss, in more ways than one Continue reading

Are you in The Wrong Job ? / 6 Warning Signs

1. You get that horrible feeling in your stomach on Sunday evenings. 2. You are becoming a clock watcher. 3. You are jealous of every other person’s job. 4. You have classic signs of anxiety that keep coming back. 5. You cannot relate to your colleagues or members of your team. 6. Even if they doubled your salary, you would still … Continue reading

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