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The Job Market In US – Most views positive in last 15 years PEW’s survey shows

Americans are now more positive about the job opportunities available to them than they have been since the economic meltdown, when views of the job market took a nosedive. Today’s more upbeat views rank among some of the best assessments of the job market in Pew Research Center surveys dating back 15 years. In a … Continue reading

The 2015 job market in US before the last report

Overall, they will show a labor market that continues to recover from the Great Recession.  At the same time, a lack of progress on a number of fronts will suggest some serious longer-term problems, which existed before 2008 but were exacerbated by the recession and the slow (though steady) recovery since then. First, the good … Continue reading

Job Markets – 10 Predictions for 2016

Here’s where the jobs will be—and what skills you’ll need to get them  1. There will be more lower-level health care jobs. 2. Job opportunities in immigration will increase. 3. Law enforcement jobs will be easier to get. 4. More companies will provide entertainment experiences. 5. More jobs will require analyzing Big Data. 6. There … Continue reading

US Job Market – Confidence strongest since Great Recession

Consumers are growing more upbeat about the U.S. labor market, with confidence reaching the highest levels since around the start of the Great Recession, according to a report released Tuesday. “The number of consumers reporting that labor conditions were bad has now declined for three months in a row, a reflection of the continued robust … Continue reading

Canada – The job market is experiencing more weakness than is implied by headline unemployment rate

A senior economist at the Toronto Dominion Bank has gone a step farther. Randall Bartlett has created an index that takes into account all of the unpublished or under-reported data that StatsCan, the Bank of Canada and the U.S. Federal Reserve collect to measure the health of the job market. He calls his yardstick the … Continue reading

US – Labor Market Trends For 2015

Below are my top ten predictions for the workplace for 2015.  1. Companies hiring Generation Z for internships. 2. More millennials are taking leadership roles. 3. Honesty becomes a revered leadership trait. 4. The skills gap continues to widen. 5. The continuous job search picks up. 6. Mobile hiring and the mobile job search explode. … Continue reading

US / Immigration and the Job Market

The belief that immigration would simply displace American workers relies on the assumption that employers would do nothing but replace a costlier domestic labor force with cheaper imports. But companies actually invest and expand to reap the higher profits that the new labor allows. This provides new opportunities for immigrants and domestic workers alike Continue reading

US / A Jobs Recovery ? Charts

The recession ended four years ago. Bur the recovery is slow. Charts Continue reading

The Job Market is broken on both sides – Which skills do count ?

“The market is broken on both sides,” explained Sharef,  27, co-founder of HireArt ( and a veteran of McKinsey. “Many applicants don’t have the skills that employers are seeking, and don’t know how to get them. But employers also … have unrealistic expectations.” They’re all “looking for purple unicorns: the perfect match. They don’t want to train … Continue reading

US / A Chart on the Unrecovering Job Market Recovery

because of population growth, getting back to where we were five years ago isn’t enough. To get back to full employment, we need to have millions more jobs than we had then. This led us to wonder: What would Scariest Jobs Chart Ever look like if you compared the past five years with comparable periods … Continue reading

US / No Momentum in Quality Jobs Market Gallup Finds

Americans continue to think it is hard to find a quality job in February, with 23% saying now is a good time to find one. But this is on par with the 25% who said the same in January, which was the highest Gallup has measured since March 2008. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor … Continue reading

Canada – Labour Market – Not bad, but could be better says Parliamentary Budget Office

The labour market has fared better in Canada than in many other rich countries, it has fared better than it has in past recessions, but it has not fared as well as it could. This is the major message from a recently released report by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), which offers a valuable description … Continue reading

US – 5 Reasons Why the Job Market is Going In Recession

US Job Market is nearly In recession Continue reading

6 challenges for American worker

The Detroit Free Press looks at some of those challenges. Not enough jobs Long-term unemploymen Retirement anxiety Crummy jobs Bad bosses Decline of union via 6 challenges affecting the American worker –

China’s job market – Cracks are appearing

China’s job market has started to show signs of stress, putting pressure on the government to intensify fiscal spending to prevent the economy from weakening further. Like politicians the world over, Chinese leaders’ biggest single economic worry is whether unemployment is under control, and analysts say the job outlook will help determine whether they launch … Continue reading

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