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Job Creation – A dearth of good jobs does not mean that the labor market is the problem

Governments are right to focus on creating more good jobs, because work is the source of most people’s livelihood in every society. But in the majority of cases, the solution lies in policy areas that are not amenable to tools wielded by ministers of labor or education. Just because a tire is flat at the … Continue reading

Automation – The future of jobs is not deterministic, but needs to be shaped

Fundamental changes in technologies and production systems and the emergence of new industries are major drivers of growth and development. They have the power to transform the world of work by destroying jobs, generating new ones and transforming the nature of jobs. Hence, ever since the Industrial Revolution, workers, business people, policy makers, and academics … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship and Job Creation – Predicting which firms will fail and which will succeed is nearly impossible

New firms account for a disproportionate share of aggregate job creation in advanced economies. Yet most firms fail, and it is immensely difficult to predict which firms will succeed. Policymakers can set the right conditions so that capital and other resources flow to firms with high growth potential, even if this implies initially supporting firms … Continue reading

US – Almost all of the private sector jobs have been created by businesses less than five years ol

Amid the political maneuvering, there is, happily, some serious work being done by the Kauffman Foundation and the Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity to figure out where new jobs actually do come from. The surprising truth is that over the last twenty five years, almost all of the private sector jobs have been created by … Continue reading

Only young businesses – predominantly small – create a disproportionate number of jobs OECD finds

The OECD has embarked on a distributed microdata project, called DynEmp, with the aim of providing a cross-country evidence base for the design of well-grounded policies for employment and growth. The project has produced a new database of micro-aggregated firm-level data on employment dynamics for different groups of firms classified by size, age and sectors … Continue reading

Canada – Most jobs created this year are full-time, well-paid

A new look at Canada’s labour market reveals the first six months of 2012 have seen a big improvement in the quality of jobs that have been created — a surprise that was welcomed Thursday even though the trend likely won’t last. It is already known that Canada’s economy churned out 155,000 new jobs in … Continue reading

U.S. | Who is really creating job ?

For the last four decades, U.S. corporations have been sinking our economy through the off-shoring of jobs, the squeezing of wages, and a magician’s hat full of bluffs and tricks designed to extort subsidies and sweetheart deals from local and state governments that often result in mass layoffs and empty treasuries. We keep hearing that … Continue reading

ADP | Businesses add jobs

Businesses added more than 200,000 jobs in March, giving fresh evidence of recovery in the labor market, data showed on Wednesday. The ADP National Employment Report showed the private sector added 209,000 positions last month, slightly above economists’ expectations for a gain of 200,000 jobs. Analysts said it did not change their forecasts for the … Continue reading

Canada | Older workers age 60-plus represent 8 per cent of the workforce, but account for 30 per cent of new job gains –

The face of the Canadian worker is changing. Gone are the days of hitting the magic retirement age, and heading off to travel and enjoy life. More Canadians are working past 60, some well into their 70s, often because they can’t afford to retire. And getting squeezed in some cases, are other job-seekers, including new … Continue reading

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