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Mieux Intégrer les Immigrants au Québec – Il faut rendre le Québec globalement plus compétitif dit l’OCDE

Le Québec a connu un chômage structurel élevé pendant des décennies, mais connaît depuis 2017 le chômage le plus faible du Canada. Certaines régions du Québec sont désormais presque en situation de plein emploi, notamment en dehors de l’agglomération de Montréal. De nombreux secteurs d’activité font désormais appel à l’immigration à cause d’une rareté de … Continue reading

Québec – Les programmes de francisation et d’intégration sont à améliorer

Résultats de l’audit Nous présentons ci-dessous les principaux constats que nous avons faits lors de l’audit concernant la francisation des personnes immigrantes. Le ministère ne s’est pas assuré que l’offre de francisation et l’aide financière proposées par l’ensemble des intervenants gouvernementaux se complètent. Des éléments sont à développer ou à améliorer, dont la création d’un … Continue reading

Canada – The evolution of the approach to immigrant integration

Canada has long been a country of immigrants, largely selected for their ability to contribute to economic development. Though the source countries have evolved, the focus on employment-based immigration has remained, while also allowing for family reunification and refugee admissions. Overall, given Canada’s geography (and the Safe Third-Country Agreement with the United States, which bars … Continue reading

Higher Immigration in Canada – Integration is imperative says the Conference Board

Comparing the Three Scenarios In the Status Quo scenario, real GDP grows by an average annual rate of 1.85 per cent between 2017 and 2040. Under the medium immigration scenario, the 450,000 immigrants arriving in Canada in 2040 contribute 0.45 percentage points to average annual real GDP growth of 1.94 per cent over the forecast … Continue reading

Integration – Language matters the most

In U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Japan, publics say language matters more to national identity than birthplace The tide of people moving across the world, be they immigrants or refugees, has sparked concern in Australia, Europe and the United States. In particular, the ethnic, linguistic and cultural background of migrants has triggered intense debates over … Continue reading

Diversity and Inclusion – Is 2016 going to be the year of diversity in business?

With all the press we read about diversity, inclusion, women in leadership, and the need to be open minded about religious and cultural differences, one might ask “is 2016 going to be the year of diversity in business?” I believe the answer is yes: this topic has been raised in the public eye and research now proves that … Continue reading

Immigrant Integration in Europe – The Role of Origin Countries

A number of major migrant-sending countries (including Morocco, Turkey, and Mexico) have started to promote the successful integration of their immigrants abroad, with the expectation that successfully integrated immigrants have more to offer their countries of origin. Until now, the substantial diaspora engagement measures seen most often at the national level have overshadowed activities at the regional … Continue reading

What I wish I knew before I entered the workplace

what I wish I knew before I entered the workplace, and if I were writing a letter to the then me from the now me, what advice would I give myself?1. Start thinking about work earlier 2. Research and get advice 3. Get work experience 4. Good pay does not always = a great job … Continue reading

The Nordic Countries / Statistics on integration

Nordic Pocket Facts is the result of cooperation between the Nordic countries that began in 2011. It provides a picture of the similarities and differences of labour market integration in the Nordic countries. It also provides a tool for detecting, revealing and preventing barriers to integration such as discrimination Continue reading

Finland / Immigrants integrate over time but Differences among groups are great report says

The reports suggests that the longer an immigrant has been in Finland, the closer his or her living conditions are to those of the native population Continue reading

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