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Penguin Random House – No Need for a Degree for a Job 

Penguin Random House UK announced this week that it would be removing all degree requirements from its job postings because, as the company put it, there’s “increasing evidence that there is no simple correlation” between having a piece of paper that says you went to class and performing well at your job. Penguin Random House hopes to … Continue reading

Business Environment – The only constant is unrelenting change

The only constant in today’s business environment is unrelenting change. Amid mounting complexity, the old playbook no longer works. Although known concepts might appear from a distance to need just an update and a bit of adaptation, organizations that take this approach risk becoming wrapped up in a never-ending stream of change that soaks up … Continue reading

Downsizing – The folly of the traditional approaches

Traditional downsizing approaches suffer from several common pitfalls: Failing to factor in relative individual contributions: Blanket cuts often seem the fairest and simplest way to manage headcount reductions, but they often cut too deeply in hard-to-fill skillsets and too little in areas where skills are abundant. A better approach takes econometric and external talent pool … Continue reading

Retaining Workers – Three actions employers are taking

Based on interviews with Express franchise owners in regions across Canada and the United States, Express has identified three actions employers are increasingly taking to improve employee retention. Raising Pay “It’s a wage war right now,” said Jeff Rey, Express franchise owner in Howell, Michigan. “Even small increases in wages can be enough to entice … Continue reading

Hiring Biases – The 3 biggest unconscious decisions

We spoke with Madan Pillutla, Ph.D., a professor of organizational behavior at London Business School who studies trust and fairness in interpersonal interactions, about the three biggest unconscious biases in hiring decisions. 1. We gravitate toward people who are similar to us. According to the similarity-attraction hypothesis, we tend to like people who are similar … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence – 7 interview questions

Here are seven interview questions that can draw revealing answers from the job candidates you interview — and get you on your way to finding employees with stellar emotional intelligence. 1. Who inspires you and why? The job candidate’s answer often gives the interviewer a peek into who the interviewee models him or herself after. … Continue reading

UK – Only one in five employers set targets for the number of disabled employees Business Disability Forum finds

With expenditure on staff turnover in just 5 sectors costing UK business more than £4 billion each year and the average cost of replacing individual employees estimated at £30,000, Business Disability Forum (BDF) is thrilled to release the first ever report about the skills, confidence and practices that help retain and develop employees with disabilities … Continue reading

US – Employee or independent contractor ? DOL issues with fresh guidance

The Labor Department has waded into a heated workplace issue with fresh guidance on how businesses should distinguish between employees and independent contractors. So-called employee misclassification has become a hot topic recently as the economy has changed and hundreds of growing businesses such as Uber Technologies turn increasingly to contract workers. On Wednesday, the administrator … Continue reading

When people below you think less of you than what people above you think

As a matter of fact, lots of employees identified as high potentials early in their career fall out along the way. Why? Rarely do people fail due to some technical deficiency—not being a good enough programmer or being an average accountant. My take: they lack the ability to create followership. The ability for a high-pot … Continue reading

Talent War – Candidates choose employer brand over salary

No amount of money could tempt half of UK workers (53%) to consider taking a role at a company with a poor employer brand, according to research from LinkedIn. The Winning Talent report also found that one in six UK workers (17%) would take a new job with a company offering increased job security, greater development … Continue reading

Social Media in Recruiting – Two in three CEO’s see no use for it

It’s not surprising but it is disappointing that 65% CEO’s see no use for social media in recruiting. This social media disconnect is the fundamental challenge for executives. Social media at it’s most basic level is about connection, and unfortunately that’s not something most executives have an interest or time for, but they should be … Continue reading

The gap between HR’s aspirations and actual role persists

I’ve observed this gap in a variety of organizations, both as a consultant and as an in-house manager at several multinationals. Fundamentally, I believe, the gap arises from two complementary causes. First, executives and managers often think their job is to get financial results rather than to manage people. Second, when executives and managers neglect … Continue reading

Telecommuting continues to gain traction in workplaces FlexJobs finds

Telecommuting continues to gain traction in workplaces around the country and the world, with the majority of companies integrating remote work options into their more traditional on-site work environments.  However, there is a small but exciting trend of companies that embrace remote work as a fundamental part of their business model.  These organizations allow all (or … Continue reading

US – 51% of managers are not engaged and cost $77 billion to $96 billion annually

Managers have the greatest impact on employee engagement, which makes this finding very worrisome: A strikingly low percentage — just 35% — of U.S. managers are themselves engaged, while 51% are not engaged and 14% are actively disengaged. By Gallup’s estimates, the “not engaged” group costs the U.S. $77 billion to $96 billion annually through … Continue reading

Oil Industry – Mass layoffs complicate long-term plans

More than 100,000 layoffs have been announced across the industry worldwide since prices began to slide last summer, according to a tally kept by Bloomberg.  In recent weeks other major service companies have announced job reductions. Halliburton announced it will cut 6,400 jobs (8 percent of its global workforce) while Schlumberger will eliminate 9,000 positions … Continue reading

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