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Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere in the World – 11 great companies currently hiring

There are many reasons people search for jobs that can be done from any location. Luckily, more and more companies are offering remote employees the freedom to work from anywhere in the world they choose. While many telecommuting jobs still have some location requirements, below are 11 great companies currently hiring for jobs you can do from anywhere in … Continue reading

South Korea – The benefit for employers of family-friendly workplace policies is unclear research finds

It’s no secret that a happy worker is a productive worker and a new analysis by scholars at The University of Texas at Dallas finds that family-friendly policies are beneficial for increasing productivity of employees. Yet the benefit for employers is unclear, since that may be offset by the same turnover rates. Family-friendly policies are … Continue reading

US – Healthcare leads in flex job opportunities

(Guess Post by Audrey Clark)  – The healthcare industry offers more flexible jobs than any other industry, according to Flex jobs, a leading online career site. Available positions range from the obvious, like registered nurses and aides, to the not so obvious, like pharmaceutical sales and medical equipment repair. Employers in the medical industry embrace part time, … Continue reading

US – Labor markets became much less fluid in recent decades says Cato Institute

As measured by flows of jobs and workers across employers, U.S. labor markets became much less fluid in recent decades. We document a large, broad-based decline in these labor market flows, drawing on multiple data sources. An aging workforce and a secular shift away from younger and smaller employers can partly account for the long-term … Continue reading

Job Search tool for Flexible Jobs

There are a lot of perceptions of what work from home jobs and other flexible jobs can be, and quite honestly, most of them are outdated. We compiled this list of 100 of the Most Surprising Flexible Jobs, Past and Present, in order to help showcase that flexible work – meaning telecommuting, freelance, part-time, flexible, … Continue reading

The 40-Hour Work Week – 88% work above and beyond finds PGi

A staggering 88% of respondents from our June online survey said they work above and beyond the traditional 40-hour work week. Seventy-one percent responded that they take work home with them at least one day per week. Chosen excerpts by Job Market Monitor. Read the whole story at  R.I.P. 40-Hour Work Week. Related posts Ending the 9 … Continue reading

Sabbaticals – Why it should be offered to long-term employees

The concept of a sabbatical may call up an image of an academic taking a long break from lecturing to  conduct research or write a book, but sabbaticals aren’t unheard of in the business world, either. Whether it’s a few weeks or as much as a year, sabbaticals are valued for giving employees a chance … Continue reading

Increase Workplace Flexibility – Where to start

The potential benefits of workplace variability are numerous — increased morale, motivation, and the ability to attract and retain talent — yet many managers don’t know where to start. Others are afraid that performance could suffer or something important could fall through the cracks.  Even the most employee-oriented managers have concerns about having employees work outside … Continue reading

US Job Market / “Jobless Recoveries” are likely in the future finds Brookings (Video)

In each of the three most recent U.S. recessions, the unemployment rate has stayed high for longer and longer durations, increasingly resembling the experience of many West European countries in the 1980s Continue reading

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